Moraine Valley Community College has over 140 academic programs designed to meet changing workforce demands and prepare you for your next steps. Expose yourself to a community of diversity, challenges and unique experiences.

Apply By Student Type

Certain students require additional steps to complete their college application. Please review the following categories and select the correct corresponding student type.

Moraine Valley celebrated its 2018 commencement on Friday, May 18.

Degree Seeking

Students completing an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate in Applied Science.

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Reverse Transer

Students who have taken college courses at another institution and would like to transfer to Moraine Valley.

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Student At Large

Students who plan to take one or more courses without attempting to complete a degree or certificate.



Students or their dependents receiving educational benefits from the VA. 


Certificate Seeking

Students wishing to complete or stack one or more certificate in any area where a certificate is offered.


Visiting University

 A student who attends another college or university, but you’ve chosen to come to Moraine Valley for a few credit courses.

New courses offered at Moraine Valley Community College provide insight into Bitcoin, modern vinyl resurgence trends, how annuities can supplement retirement income, or ways to write and deliver jokes in stand-up routines.


Students looking for classes for personal enrichment and professional development.



Moraine Valley currently enrolls almost 300 international students from 52 different countries.