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Getting your college books is easier than ever. Check out Moraine Valley’s bookstore and learn about our curbside pickup, year round book buy back, price matching and more! ...

Everyone learns differently, so we have three options for you this fall: online, hybrid and virtual. Learn more by following the link in our bio. ...

Moraine Valley Community College’s vice president of Student Development, Dr. Normah Salleh-Barone, was recently appointed to the Housing Authority of Cook County Board of Commissioners. She will serve a five-year term as a commissioner on the board.

Salleh-Barone has long been an advocate for addressing concerns related to the need for decent, affordable housing.

“When I was Moraine Valley’s director of Multicultural Student Affairs in the early 2000s, I first learned about one of our student leader’s experience with housing insecurity. I worked with my colleagues at the college to research what resources were available for our homeless students,” she said.

Salleh-Barone has served as the college’s vice president of Student Development since 2010.

“Over the past 10 years, I began to realize the number of students who self-report as being homeless or who have housing insecurity has become too frequent,” she said. Salleh-Barone believes her position on the board will give her the opportunity to provide the perspective of a higher education administrator.

She was excited when she learned of her appointment and is eager to make a meaningful contribution.

“I hope to expand and extend my services on behalf of Moraine Valley. I am proud to represent an institution that is so highly respected, where our students always come first. And we have to remember the communities where our students live. By serving as one of the board’s commissioners, I will be able to continue to support our students and their families who live in this county,” Salleh-Barone said.

Get answers to questions you may have about the modified fall semester, resources available to you, online learning and more.

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Moraine Valley Community College is offering the Basic Nurse Assistant Training certificate this fall.

This program will prepare students to become Certified Nursing Assistants. The work includes 64 hours of classroom lecture, 40 hours of lab training and 40 hours of clinical rotations at a nearby health care facility for hands-on experience. Collectively, this will help students master competency in the 21 manual patient care skills mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Students who successfully complete this program can take the State of Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Those who pass the test can expect to find employment in long-term care facilities, hospitals and home health agencies.

A complete list of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the fall 2020 class schedule online. The college shortened its fall semester from 17 to 16 weeks with most courses taking place online starting Aug. 24. Hybrid classes, those that have some in-person and some online instruction, begin Aug. 10. #nursing #bnat #nurse

Among the handful of new certificates and degrees offered at Moraine Valley Community College starting this fall is the English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Educator certificate.

This new program is 30 credit hours that will provide students with the foundation of childcare/adolescent terminology, information on growth and development of a child, observation experiences, and techniques and skills for working with an ESL or bilingual child. With this certificate, a student can become a lead teacher or instructor in an ESL or bilingual childcare center or for students in kindergarten through 12th grades.

Aside from general education courses, students will have to take classes that include Foundations of Bilingual Education, Language and Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Studies and Intro to the Foundations of Reading.

A complete list of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the fall 2020 class schedule online (link in bio). Registration is ongoing. The college shortened its fall semester from 17 to 16 weeks with most courses taking place online starting Aug. 24. Hybrid classes, those that have some in-person and some online instruction, begin Aug. 10. #esl #english #bilingual #educator

Moraine Valley Community College is offering a new Advanced Supply Chain Management certificate beginning this fall.

This certificate requires 41 credit hours and is designed to provide the skills of managing solutions and overseeing the flow of goods, data and finances as a product or service moves from the point of origin to its final destination. Students will learn about core technology skills, business/industry content, domestic and global issues in suppliers and customer relations, value-added product differentiation and cost management as well as professional skills required to succeed within this business. Students looking to work in a supply chain-related position or seeking career advancement should consider pursuing this certificate.

The Intro to Supply Chain Management certificate was significantly revised and offers seven courses (21 credit hours) that introduce students to supply chain management. Students in this program will build a base for entry-level and trainee positions or, if employed in the industry, gain enhanced professional knowledge and career advancement potential.

A complete list of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the fall 2020 class schedule online at The college shortened its fall semester from 17 to 16 weeks with most courses taking place online starting Aug. 24. Hybrid classes, those that have some in-person and some online instruction, begin Aug. 10. #supplychain #management

Starting this fall, we’re offering a Cannabis Retail Certificate program!

The legalization of #marijuana is causing a large employment growth in the cannabis dispensary industry. This certificate will make you marketable with the skills required to seek entry-level employment in the licensed medical or adult-use #cannabis industry.

This program prepares you to lessen the risks for cannabis businesses and company employees by demonstrating how to safely and compliantly sell cannabis to patients and customers. Learn the protocols for handling the complex situations that arise in a cannabis retail operation.

We're offering classes in three formats: online, virtual and hybrid.

An online course is a mostly asynchronous learning experience (no set meeting dates and times) using Canvas (Moraine Valley’s learning management system) and/or other technology via the internet to deliver content, facilitate communication, collect student work and assess student performance. Any components with set days and times, if any, are optional.

Virtual classes have scheduled, real-time, online sessions at specific dates and times. A virtual class is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous (scheduled dates and times as well as learning that takes place on our own) online learning experiences using Canvas (Moraine Valley’s learning management system), real-time video, and other technology via the internet to deliver content, facilitate communication, collect student work and assess student performance. Scheduled real-time virtual class meetings require participation/attendance. If a student is registered for a virtual class, students are expected to attend any synchronous (scheduled dates and times) components added by the instructor, which must occur during the regularly scheduled class time. Students will “attend” online via web conferencing tools, and these virtual meetings will be set up and scheduled by the instructor.

A hybrid course is a blend of mostly asynchronous online learning experiences (NO set online meeting dates and times) and face-to-face class sessions. Hybrid courses have learning activities that must be completed via Canvas (Moraine Valley’s learning management system) or other technology, as well as class sessions that require on-campus or other in-person attendance, such as labs and clinicals. If a student is registered for a hybrid class, the class session offered will be in person on campus or other locations depending on the needs of the program. These in-person meetings must occur during the scheduled in-person class time.

Link in bio for more information on fall courses.

Tuesdays, 4 p.m.: Time and task management for online learning. Students, check in on your plan.

Do you have a strategy to manage your time and stay on task with your online classes? Or maybe you have a plan for managing your to-do list, but find it's easy to get off track?

Join MVCC counselors for a drop-in session to learn time and task management tips and check in on how your game plan is going. This summer we will be offering sessions every Tuesday at 4 p.m. and Thursdays at 1 p.m. through July 30th. Join us for one session, or use it as a weekly time to get yourself organized and set your intention for what you need to get done. We're here to help you succeed this summer.

Join Sara Tuesday at 4 p.m. Time and Task Management Drop-in Group.
Join Zoom Meeting via Link in Bio

Meeting ID: 886 6155 9644
Password: 6M3jJQ

Unemployed? The Job Resource Center at Moraine Valley Community College - Official has put together some resources to help with your job search. Head to for a link to all the local jobs and listings. #unemployed #job #jobhunt #jobsearch ...


Check out @mvccfitrec for all the details.

Yep, you read that right! Our kids summer camp will begin July 6th with limited spots. Registration is expected to open June 22nd. Please visit our website for more information and stay tuned for further updates!

In response to recent events, people experiencing myriad injustices, such as the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey and Breonna Taylor, public evidence of people who continue to endure racist behavior, and people who are treated inequitably and violently, Moraine Valley Community College reaffirms its core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, fairness, diversity, equity and inclusion. These values form the foundation of our college and will continue to guide us in our daily interactions and decision making. We remain deeply committed to fostering a community where everyone is welcomed, accepted and free to pursue their educational goals without fear of discrimination. ...

Explore our classes focused on the trades this summer. Courses will be held on campus. Register today. #automotive #welding ...

Fall classes will be offered mostly online, and the semester is now a week shorter. ...

Our #Typography course develops an aesthetic, historic and organizational sensitivity to type. Emphasis on formal visual principles (structure, form, weight, texture, size, color, and direction) is applied in exercises that require both hand-rendered and computer-generated letterforms. #font #art #design ...

The sleep technology program at Moraine Valley allows students to learn about sleep as a component of health, sleep disorders, and the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to become a sleep technologist. The curriculum includes cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology, normal and abnormal sleep, and diagnostic and therapeutic techniques performed by sleep technologists. Students also learn about sleep as a public health issue, evidence-based practice, and sleep health education. ...

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