Moraine Valley is an excellent place to begin your studies in the United States, and pursue your academic and personal goals.

Moraine Valley currently enrolls almost 300 international students from 52 different countries. Hundreds of international students have improved their English, succeeded in their coursework, graduated, transferred and been successful in their academic and career plans through the education and experiences they gained at Moraine Valley.

The college offers international students special services, including:

  • a convenient and safe suburban location.
  • proximity to Chicago, the third largest city in the United States.
  • comprehensive support services--for international students.
  • university transfer degree programs--high quality 2+2 programs.
  • degree programs in over 70 different areas of study.
  • the full-time Intensive English Language Program.
  • outstanding facilities and attractive campus.
  • small class sizes and faculty dedicated to teaching.
  • a fully accredited and nationally recognized institution.
  • a great place to begin your education in the United States.