The Engineering Pathways program offered at Moraine Valley is a smart and cost-effective way to guarantee transfer admission into the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This competitive program is designed for high school seniors who plan to enroll as first-time college students for the fall semester following graduation.

The typical applicant has earned mostly A's in high school and has excelled in science and math courses in his or her senior year. Students who are female, low income, first-generation, and/or from underrepresented ethnic groups are encouraged to apply.

Upcoming Engineering Program Information Sessions:

Wednesday, November 8 (Click here for details and to RSVP)

Follow these steps to apply for the Engineering Pathways Program:

1. Complete the Moraine Valley Admission Application and obtain your Moraine Valley student ID number. Be sure to select AES (Associate of Engineering Science) on your Moraine Valley admission application.

2. Engineering Pathways applicants must complete a proctored ALEKS math placement exam. The Grainger College of Engineering ALEKS composite threshold is 76 out of 100. It is recommended that each of the 10 contributing slices be at 80% or above.

Two un-proctored (at-home) attempts and three hours of Prep & Learn (P&L) are required before the first proctored attempt. You must wait 24 hours between attempts. Once the two un-proctored attempts and three hours of P&L have been completed, you may contact the Testing Center to schedule a proctored exam. Applicants will have two proctored attempts at the ALEKS placement exam.

To take full advantage of the Prep & Learn facility, applicants should take the first ALEKS placement test soon after they have their ACT or SAT results; by the beginning of their senior year at the latest.

To meet the April 15, 2023, Engineering Pathways application deadline, it is recommended that the ALEKS placement process is completed no later than March 15, 2023.

Information about the college's Testing Services and Testing Center can be found here.

You can find info about the process and take the first two un-proctored attempts here.

It is recommended that you call 708-974-5309 to schedule a proctored ALEKS exam.

3. Submit the Engineering Pathways application (available mid-January).

You will need your Moraine Valley student ID number to complete the Engineering Pathways application. If you have not yet applied to Moraine Valley, please do so now by completing the Admission Application.

If you have questions about the program or the application process, send them to


Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed admission into the Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC as a junior
  • Moraine Valley tuition and fees for the first two years - save over $30,000 on your UIUC Engineering degree!
  • Welcome Activity at UIUC
  • Enrichment Activity - A week-long research experience on UIUC's campus
  • Bridge to U of I Educational Experience - Take classes at UIUC between your time at Moraine Valley and your first semester at UIUC
  • Opportunity to participate in the UIUC College of Engineering James Scholar Honors Program
  • Internships
  • Career development opportunities
  • Opportunity to participate in STEM competitions and engineering-related activities with your Engineering Pathways peers



Admission is competitive to ensure students entering the program are the most likely to succeed.

Applicants must be high school seniors who plan to enroll as first-time college students for the fall semester.

Final decisions regarding admission, continuation, and standing in the program rests with the program’s review committee.

Students can terminate their participation in the program at any time. Re-admission to the program is not allowed.

Profile of a Typical Engineering Pathways Program Applicant
• Earn mostly A’s in high school courses.
• Excel in advanced math and science courses in senior year.
• Competitive ACT or SAT scores (composite and subject areas).
• Participate in activities such as Project Lead the Way or Engineering by Design classes, First Robotics competitions, scout STEM programs, or any engineering-related summer jobs or  internships.
• Write a strong essay describing your interest in participating in the Engineering Pathways Program.

Once admitted to Moraine Valley’s Engineering Pathways Program, students must:
• Be enrolled full-time and complete all requirements in two years
• Strive to earn A’s.


James Scholar Honors Program

Engineering Pathways completers are eligible for the James Scholar Honors Program. The program gives them access to honors courses, faculty advisors, and one of the earliest time tickets for future registration. Eligible students need to submit an honors contract during their first semester as juniors at the Grainger College of Engineering.

3.5 or above final GPA: Admission to James Scholar Honors Program

3.8 or above final GPA: Admission to James Scholar Honors Program and Merit Scholarship


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