The Engineering Pathways program offered at Moraine Valley is a smart and cost-effective way to guarantee transfer admission into the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This competitive program is designed for high school seniors who plan to enroll as first-time college students for the fall semester following graduation.

The typical applicant has earned mostly A’s in high school and has excelled in science and math courses in his or her senior year. Students who are female, low income, first generation, and/or from underrepresented ethnic groups are encouraged to apply.

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Program Benefits

  • Guaranteed admission into the College of Engineering at UIUC as a junior
  • Moraine Valley tuition and fees for the first two years – Save over $30,000 on your U of I Engineering degree!
  • Welcome Activity at U of I
  • Enrichment Activity – A week-long research experience on U of I’s campus
  • Bridge to U of I Educational Experience – Take classes at U of I between your time at Moraine Valley and your first semester at U of I
  • Opportunity to participate in the U of I College of Engineering James Scholar Honors Program
  • Internships
  • Career development opportunities
  • Opportunity to participate in STEM competitions and engineering-related activities with your Engineering Pathways peers

Application Timeline

Applications are due by April 15.

How to Apply

  1. Ensure you have applied to Moraine Valley Community College.
    • Dual credit, dual enrollment, or any youth or similar program participants may already be in the system.
    • Confirm you are in the system by accessing your Moraine Valley-issued e-mail.
    • Make sure you locate your Moraine Valley issued ID. It is a seven digit ID starting with a zero (0).
    • All communications about the program will be through the e-mail address issued by the college.
  2. The application will ask you to identify majors that are of interest to you. You can find basic majors information here.
  3. For this step, access to a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Access the UIUC-provided pdf file, complete it, and save it as EP_MVCC_LAST_FIRST.pdf, where LAST_FIRST is your last and first names PRINTED, and send the file as an attachment to engineeringpathways@illinois.edu.
  4. At the time the application is e-mailed, or separately, you must attach an official HS transcript, which includes fall 2018 grades and spring 2019 schedule to the e-mail address above or mail the transcript to the Engineering Pathways program physical address provided in the application file.
  5. As soon as possible, take the ALEKS test* in the Moraine Valley testing center (2nd floor of the Building G, Room G231, after you pay the $25 fee at the Cashier Office** on the first floor of the Building S, Room S105).
    Forward the ALEKS results to: epinfo@morainevalley.edu. A scanned copy or suitable resolution photo is acceptable.

•Take the first of the two allowed proctored ALEKS attempts right away. If you earn below 76 or you want to improve a high score, take the second attempt as close to April 14 as possible using the in-between time to rigorously remediate. ALEKS provides a roadmap on the topic(s) you may want to carefully review.

••Cashier’s Office Hours can be found here under Menu Option 3. Payment

For questions about the program and the application process, email epinfo@morainevalley.edu or call (708) 608-4250.


Admission is competitive to ensure students entering the program are the most likely to succeed.

Applicants must be high school seniors who plan to enroll as first-time college students for the fall semester.

Final decisions regarding admission, continuation, and standing in the program rests with the program’s review committee.

Students can terminate their participation in the program at any time. Re-admission to the program is not allowed.Profile of a Typical Engineering Pathways Program Applicant
• Earn mostly A’s in high school courses.
• Excel in advanced math and science courses in senior year.
• Competitive ACT or SAT scores (composite and subject areas).
• Participate in activities such as Project Lead the Way or Engineering by Design classes, First Robotics competitions, scout STEM programs, or any engineering-related summer jobs or  internships.
• Write a strong essay describing your interest in participating in the Engineering Pathways Program. Once admitted to Moraine Valley’s Engineering Pathways Program, students must:
• Be enrolled full-time and complete all requirements within three years of the date of initial enrollment.
• Strive to earn A’s in the required courses, and maintain an overall GPA commensurate to your selected engineering major.

U of I College of Engineering James Scholar Honors Program

Starting in fall 2019, we will begin offering admission to the U of I College of Engineering James Scholar Honors Program to all students who successfully complete Engineering Pathways (with a final GPA of 3.5 or above), which gives them access to honors courses, faculty advisors, and one of the earliest time tickets for future registration. Students who choose to take part will need to submit an honors contract during their first semester.

3.5 or above final GPA: Admission to James Scholar Honors Program

3.8 or above final GPA: Admission to James Scholar Honors Program and Merit Scholarship