Moraine Valley offers online learning options that allow students to participate in a course fully or partially at a distance. Online or hybrid classes are ideal for students who need flexibility in setting their own time for learning and studying. Our online and hybrid courses are mostly online, but can require some in-person class time, labs or tests that require campus visits.

Students can complete a majority of the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science online for a wide range of transfer majors.

We offer advising services to help get you started. You can chat online with an advisor, call us at (708) 974-5721, send us a text at (708) 501-MVCC (6822), via email at or in person in Building S, Room 201.

What’s the difference between online and hybrid?

Online Courses

Online courses are delivered entirely via the internet, which means students can complete the courses without attending any traditional face-to-face classes. An online course is one in which Moraine Valley professors use a learning management system to deliver all content, facilitate interpersonal communication (faculty-student and student-student communication), collect all student work, and assess student performance. However, an online course may require a face-to-face orientation, a placement test session on campus or an exam to be taken at a proctored test site.

Hybrid Courses
In these classes, face-to-face seat time is reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction via the internet. Hybrid courses have class sessions and activities that must be completed via the internet as well as class sessions that require attendance in a face-to-face setting.

Myths and Realities of Online Learning

Online classes are easier than face-to-face classes.The courses are challenging since it requires students to use time management, organizational, and college-level reading and writing abilities to complete work.
Students must login and complete coursework during specific times of the day.Online courses are asynchronous – offering students the flexibility and convenience of completing assignments 24/7.
Online courses do not carry the same amount of credits or course competencies as face-to-face classes.Online courses offer the same credits and competencies and are even taught by the same instructors who teach face-to-face.
Students can finish online courses independently in the semester, at their own pace.Online courses are not self-paced. Students must follow the same academic calendar as other courses and adhere to the same assigned dates.
No participation is expected from students enrolled in an online course.Students are required to participate in online courses by communicating with classmates and the instructor through discussion forums and other assignments.

Which is right for you?

Online courses are not for everyone as people learn at different paces an in a variety of ways. Online and hybrid courses often demand more time than on-campus classes do. In order to be a successful student you must understand what personal traits are needed. Complete our online learning self-assessment for advice and information to determine whether online learning is for you.

Moraine Valley provides several support options while taking your online classes. We have technology support available Monday through Saturday via email and by phone. Our library also provides a live chat and text message support in addition to email and phone support.