Any Moraine Valley faculty, staff, student, or local community member may file a complaint or report to raise a concern about a student’s behavior. The preferred method of filing a report is to complete the online incident report form. This report is sent directly to the Code of Conduct Office for review.  Faculty and staff must file all reports regarding student behavior using the online incident report form.

For emergencies or incidents that may involve concerning and/or criminal behaviors, individuals should immediately call the Moraine Valley Police Department by picking up a red telephone located throughout campus buildings, by pushing the red button on classroom telephones, or by dialing (708) 974-5555. Individuals who file a police report about a student should also submit an incident report to supply more information about the incident.


Non-Academic Complaint

Students can file complaints against college employees by completing and submitting the Non-Academic Complaint Form. From there, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate department.


What Happens Next?

If a Moraine Valley student is accused of any type of misconduct, the Code of Conduct Office will apply the student conduct process outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. Other reports about a student’s concerning or threatening behaviors may be reviewed by the Threat Assessment and Behavior Intervention Teams.

If a Moraine Valley faculty or staff member is accused of any type of misconduct, the complaint will be forwarded to the individual’s supervisory administrator, such as a Dean, Department Chair, or Director. If a Moraine Valley faculty or staff member is specifically accused of any type of sexual harassment the complaint will be forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Jo Ann Jenkins.


Filing Complaints about an Illinois Community College

If you attempted to file a complaint at the institutional level and were not successful you may file a complaint with the Illinois Community College Board. Please see instructions here.


Online Learning Complaint Process for Moraine Valley’s Out-of-State Students

Moraine Valley students residing outside the state of Illinois who desire to resolve a grievance are encouraged to follow the college’s complaint and hearing process.  If you are unable to resolve your concern internally with Moraine Valley, you also may contact your home state agency to file a complaint about the college by referring to your state agency. Details can be found on the Student Complaint Information by State and Agency survey.


Filing a Complaint through the Higher Learning Commission

Moraine Valley is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Students, faculty, staff and members of the public may submit a complaint to the HLC if they have identified substantive problems with the college’s ability to meet the Criteria for Accreditation or other HLC requirements. HLC’s policy on complaints provides a full description of the type of complaints that HLC will review. A complaint regarding an HLC-affiliated institution must be submitted using the form found here. HLC does not accept complaints via mail, email or phone.


Questions? Contact the Code of Conduct Office located in Building U, Room U115, or call the dean at (708) 974-5390 or the coordinator at (708) 608-4272.