Since 2017, Sara Othman has been a direct line of contact for Adult Basic Education (ABE) students coming into the Learning Enrichment and College Readiness Department. Her patience, teamwork, dedication and personable presence earned her the 2021 Part-time Employee Service Award.

Othman works directly with students, helping them register for classes or take tests, answering the phone and processing data. During the pandemic, she also has
had to make more calls and check-in with students. Being bilingual has made her a key player in translating important information for Arabic speakers. Even if she doesn’t know the language, she listens carefully and helps as best she can. That team-oriented mindset was noted in her nomination.

“Sara is a complete team player. She is very kind and patient with our very diverse population, and she always comports herself in a professional manner. Sara is always willing to help her colleagues and often pitches in to help without thinking of herself,” her nominator stated. “She is extremely loyal and universally respected in the department. Sara performs the responsibilities of her job at a high level, and she works independently when appropriate. Most importantly, Sara offers the office dynamic a stable, friendly and empathetic presence.”

When COVID-19 struck, Othman was flexible and willing to help in whatever fashion she was needed. She works in shifts on campus but is ready and able to work without complaint. Many students remark on her patience and kindness.

Othman didn’t expect the honor but heaped plenty of praise on her department for her successes. “I was really surprised. It was really exciting, and I was honored,” Othman said. “Working with leadership and the office, their work and the students makes me work harder and inspires me. I want to help students as much as I can. I want to thank our leadership and department because they’ve always been supportive. I really enjoy working with them.”