The Innovation of the Year Award recognizes faculty members or administrators who successfully implement an innovative project or idea in any area of the college. The Moraine Valley Community College Innovation of the Year Award is offered in cooperation with the League for Innovation in the Community College. Employees may not receive the Innovation of the Year award more than once every five years as a single winner but can receive the award within this time period if part of a team.

Innovation of the Year Award Nomination Form

Previous Innovation of the Year Award Recipients

2023 Moraine Valley Equity Academy
Dr. Sadya Khan, Dr. Kristine Christensen, Dr. Cynthia Anderson, Tamima Farooqui, and Dr. Scott Friedman
2022 Confronting Our Grades: Developmental Reading Project
Dr. Jennifer Lee-Good, Susan Godwin, Michael Morsches, and Dr. Rita Ferriter
2021 — Online Tutoring Implementation Team
Jeff Carpenter, Kipp Cozad, China Dostal, Mike Loveday, Ann Pendergast, Kaylyn Walters, Alec Werner
2020 — Equity Pilot Utilizing Growth Mindset and Neuroscience
Dr. Anna Rogers and Larry Langellier
2019 — Nursing 140 I-Best Program
Ann Marie Jagiella, Dr. Kiana Battle, Patrick Lohan, Georgina Murphy, and Dr. Kelli Nickols
2018 — Withdrawal Pilot in Gateway Courses
Dr. Jo Ann Jenkins , Dr. Sadya Khan , Dr. Ryen Nagle, Dr. DeWitt Scott, Michelle August, Sam Chen, Sandra Gibbons, and Larry Langellier
2017 — COM-101 Bridge Program
Staff: Carol Antosz, Jeff Carpenter, Mary Cook, Kipp Cozad, Jennifer Davidson, Wally Fronczek, Sue Gray, Irronda Harrington, Brittany Menta, Michael Morsches; Faculty: Aaron Almanza, Sheryl Bundy, Erika Deiters, Mark Derdzinski, Eric DeVillez, Tom Dow, Panshula Ganeshan, Bill Hogan, Carey Millsap-Spears, Shelita Shaw
2016-2015 — Student Learning Conference – A Day of Learning for Students by Students
Normah Salleh-Barone, Kimberly Golk, Demetrius Robinson, Alicea Toso, Amy Piatkiewicz
2015 — Community Learning Day: Kristine Christensen, Tamarra Coleman-Hill, Lynn Doulas, Thomas Dow, Susan Linn, Jane Long, Kent Marshall, Michael McGuire, Susan McNulty, Theresa O’Carroll, Matthew Piper, Julie Poulos, Stephenie Presseller, Demetrius Robinson
2014 — World War M: Humans vs. Zombies Learning Event
Troy Swanson, Tish Hayes, Terra Jacobson, Eric Harms
2013 — Academic Advising Syllabus
Kim Golk, Lissette Alvarado, Sumeet Singh, Debby Blatzer and Academic Advising Faculty
2012 — Arabic 101 Online Course
Maha Sweis-Dababneh
2011 — Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance Program
Laurie Anema, Sue Linn, Joann Wright
2010 — FIS/EMS Cohort Project for Degree Completion
Andrew Hufnagl, James Fraites, Wally Fronczek, Kim Golk, Susan Phelan, Scott Stallman and Peggy Machon
2009 — 2nd Annual Intern and Employer Meeting and Awards Ceremony
Lisa Kelsay, Joyce Daniel, Pamela Payne, Cecillia Carothers
2008 — International Sports Exchange Program: Bill Finn, Chuck Bales, Gloria Coughlin
2007 — The Moraine Valley Learning Academy
Joe Chaloka, Leslie Warren, Ann Anderson, Kristine Christensen, Norma Grassini-Komara, Nicholas Hackett, Gina Miceli-Hoffman, Barbara Martin and Misha Turner
2006 — What All Student Development Employees Need to Know
Nancy Bentley, Jim Polo, Misha Turner, Holly Pilarczyk
2005 — Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance – CSSIA
Erich Spengler, Aurora Zwick, Margaret Collins, John Sands, Edward Kelly, Kathryn Bergstrom, Lou Balek, Angela Spyropoulos, Bill Vallos, James Fraites
2003 — The First Year Experience
Joann Wright, Paula Adduci, Nancy Curé, Wally Fronczek, Jan Hill-Matula, Trish Keporos, Randy Southard & Dave Taylor
2002 — Library/Learning Resource Center Website
Tom Dow and Troy Swanson
2001 — Ceramic Mural
Lynn Peters
2000 — CIT Networking Project
John Sands and Erich Spengler
1999 — The Cutting Edge
Sharon Potacki and Marlee Roth
1998 — Development of a Web-Based Self-Registration Option for Students
Barbara Alvanos, Kathy Baker, Doug McBain, Lola Oshinowo, Mary-Rita Patricelli
1997 — Funding the Center for Faculty and Program Excellence for Technology Support Program
Dick Hinckley
1996 — SBDC Drop-In Center
Hilary Gereg
1994 — AS/400 Program
Paul Dravillas
1993 — Project Success
James Fraites
1992 — Environmental Institute
Rich Kukac
1991 — LRC PAC
Maria D’Aversa
1990 — CIM Project
CIM Team
1989 — CAD Program
J.C. Malitzke and Bob Dugan
1988 — Business-Oriented Search Service
Diane Grund
1987 — Energy Program
Joe Ferencak
1986 — Business and Industry Partnership to Develop Manufacturing Work Cell
Mary Rose Hennessy
1985 — Computer System for Electronics Program
Alex Johansson and Paul Childress
1984 — Improvements in the College’s Nursing Skills Laboratory
Sandra Shelley
1983 — Nature Study Area
Dick Finley and Robert Juracka