The Teamwork Award was established to recognize exceptional teamwork within the college organization. The award will be made to a group of at least three employees who work together for the betterment of their department and the college. Groups may include committees who have met for at least a semester and produced measurable results. Groups may not receive the award more than once every five years. The award was established in 2009 and is named in memory of Dave Sarther, a valued employee of Moraine Valley until his death in July 2012. Mr. Sarther held positions in Information Technology and Campus Operations during his 13 years at the college.

Dave Sarther Teamwork Award Nomination Information

Previous Dave Sarther Teamwork Award Recipients

2024 Oracle to SQL Project
Randy Basick, Likhit Devkota David Edwards, Eric Harms, Adam Maca, Deb Malkinson,  Jim Norris, Kevin Rizzo, Janet Saweres, Nathan Schneider, James Tse, Sherita Tyler and John Wagrowski.
2023 COS-041 Interventions
Dan Cristman, Susan Godwin, Dr. Rita Ferriter, Dr. Jennifer Lee-Good, Anna Chmiel, Sumeet Singh, Maysa Jibawi, and Sharon Brennan
2022 Testing Services
Lupita Medina, Jennifer Pilarczyk, and Dan Gorman
2021 — Employee Giving Committee
Michele Brandow, Glenn Carpenter, Jessica Crotty, China Dostal, Patti Friend, Matt Grotto, Judy Healy, Kristy McGreal, Lisa Rispoli, Ellen Rowe, Assel Salem, Karen Town, Mailroom staff, Reprographics staff
2020 — Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC) Backstage Crew
Sean McIntosh,Amanda Hantson, Jackie Bobbitt, Nathan Carpenter, Alex Craig, Ethan Dadrowski, Jessica Dommer, Joshua Hidebrand, Samm Hilger, Jeremy Kalisz, Tom Schoenbeck, Guadalupe Sosa and Quinton Turnbow
2019 — Speech and Debate Team
John Nash, Amanda Pettigrew, Krista Appelquist
2018 — 50th Anniversary Celebration Team
Jessica Crotty, Bob Faoro, Jodi Marneris, Ira Siegel, Sarah Sophie, Maura Vizza
2017 — Canvas Transition Team
CTL Staff: Cindy Anderson, Lisa Lezon-Dyrda, Scott Leturno, Anthony Marcasciano; IT Staff: Sue Gray, Bill Helmold, Jonathon Miller, Donna Parks, Lori Sanders, Kamlesh Sanghvi, Kevin Scalzo, Sherita Tyler
2016 — Social Media Team
Glenn Carpenter, Matt Grotto, Mike Loveday
2015 — Multimedia Services
Sean Terry, Jason Levaggi, Jeff Reid,  Mark Rupsch, Robert Salud, Amanda Sidorowicz, Michele Sutko, Susan Turner
2014 — Campus Operations Grounds
Matthew Scolum, Kevin Warchol, Richard Caldwell, Carey Cipolla, Richard Magno, Dan Porcaro, Vincent Stanevicius, Jeff Winkle, Michael Crotty, Fred McMillan
2013 — Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference STEM Poster Competition
Lisa Kelsay, Dana Campbell, Pamela Goodman
2012 — Information Technology Staff
Sue Gray, Lou Balek, John Wagrowski
2011 — Mandatory Advising for Veterans
Jo Ann Jenkins, Mary Adkins, Beatriz Ruiz, Jeremy Kingery
2010 — Nursing Curriculum Transition Team
Maryan Jatczak, Judy Corcoran, Mary Hughes, Paula Hodkowski
2009 — Reprographics Unit of the Marketing and Creative Services Department
Judy Czerwonka, Clarice Gilbert, Linda Hall, Sherry Nielsen, Sharon Pawlak