The Student Employee of the Year Award is open to all student employees of the college during the eligible academic year. It honors one student employee who has been nominated by his/her supervisor and selected by a panel of college faculty and staff. It is designed to recognize excellence in the workplace performed daily by our student employees. The Office of Financial Aid and the Job Resource Center co-sponsor this award. The student will be recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Dinner in late April or in May.

Student Employee of the Year Award Nomination Form

Previous Student Employee of the Year Recipients

2017 — Jordan Murray
2016 — Zachary Walkover
2015 — Alison Wiabel
2014 — Cecilia Torres
2013 — Emmanuel Santoyo
2012 — Shilpa Verma
2011 — Martin Papa
2010 — Rosa Perez
2009 — Kelly O’Farrell
2008 — Sherri Gondek
2007 — Samantha Clausen
2006 — Adrienne Dudlo
2005 — Mary Ann Zamora
2004 — Erin Sorensen
2003 — Bobby Agnew
2002 — Daniel Nolan