The reoccurring theme in the nomination for Pam Murphy, Secretary II, Institutional Research and Planning, gives prominence to her abilities, dedication and drive to go above and beyond with her officemates and students.

Singing the praises of Murphy, her nominator said, “Everyone in our department and anyone who comes in contact with Pam knows she exemplifies what it means to be loyal, dedicated, a team player, committed to excellence, and most of all, she is dedicated to student success.”

As part of her regular routine, Murphy juggles multiple priorities at once, ranging from survey requests, double-checking department work, tracking the budget, managing major events hosted by the department and much more. “She also handles our temperamental copy machine and revives my dying plants. Pam can do it all, and she does it with a positive attitude,” one of her nominators said.

Murphy, who started working at the college in 2012, isn’t comfortable with all the attention she’s receiving, but she is humbled. “I’m thrilled and honored by such a wonderful award. I like my job and love coming to work every day,” Murphy said. “I really do work with a fabulous group of people.”

The feeling is mutual in her department. Her coworkers appreciate the work Murphy does and said she is, “committed to excellence and makes us all shine brighter with her high quality of work.” Murphy said she and her coworkers all know they are appreciated. “A little pat on the back? That’s an ongoing basis in this office. Everybody is very appreciative of what everybody does to help each other. Everyone’s always pitching in when someone needs help.”

Murphy also is quick to help students, especially during the first weeks of each new semester when they’re unsure of a classroom location.  “For all the many ways Pam contributes to the department and college, there is none that impresses me more than her commitment to students,” her nominator said. Murphy’s door opens to a main hallway in Building L and is always open so students can feel comfortable asking for assistance.

“She not only keeps the door wide open for the many lost students, she makes extra copies of maps, building layouts and course catalog pages so she can distribute these to students and be in a better position to assist them. Pam always will leave her desk to assist students, often times walking them to where they need to go. Again, this is not something she is asked to do, but something she does to help our students get to where they need to be. Pam exemplifies what it means to be a team player at Moraine Valley,” her nominator said.