Grateful is how Nancy Plankis, Departmental Assistant, Career Programs, describes her feelings when she learned she was named the recipient of the Part-Time Employee Service Award.

“I’m a little awe-struck,” she said. “I work with very gracious people who appreciate when someone puts in the effort to get the job done. I work in a good atmosphere. I know atmospheres, and you don’t get any better than this.”

One of her nominators said Plankis is someone he can always count on to get things done. “Nancy is always willing to go out of her way to help me out. I really do not know what we would do if she ever left.” Another nominator said Plankis is a very warm and generous person who brings those qualities to her job each day.  “Nancy always is willing to go above and beyond, whether it is for me, a student, one of our faculty members or our administrative staff,” she said. She also was described as someone who always greets people with a smile on her face and completes her daily activities with a “positive, can-do attitude.”

Plankis has been at the college for 22 years and thoroughly enjoys her role.

“I feel comfortable here. I like the work, and the people are great. My old job was very focused on the same task, but here I am always doing something different. I like that variety. And I’m always learning something new. This building (Building T) is the hub of the future, and I’m so happy to be a part of it,” Plankis said.