For the last four years, Margaret Tenerelli has welcomed students in the Speaking and Writing Center while determining their needs and what type of appointment will work best for them. She is this year’s Part-time Employee Award winner.

“Margaret is truly an exceptional part-time employee. When I hired Margaret, her patient, calm, friendly, warm and welcoming personality made me feel comfortable, and I knew she would help our students, community members, faculty and staff feel the same way. Margaret can work with anyone and is a leader in the Speaking and Writing Center.  She truly has been a remarkable asset to our department,” her nominator said.

Tenerelli is known for meeting students where they’re at, literally. “I have stood in the Speaking and Writing Center and seen students ask about services from the hallway. She stands up, meets them where they are and has a conversation. Before you know it, she is back behind the desk offering them appointment times,” her nominator said. Even over the phone, Tenerelli’s welcoming and soothing personality allows students to feel comfortable. “Asking for help can be hard sometimes. Offering a calm environment and positive approach makes students more receptive,” Tenerelli noted.

During the pandemic, Tenerelli played a pivotal role in the Speaking and Writing Center. She created processes that helped collect and use data. She also developed a new appointment-based approach that has become the standard method of operation for the Speaking and Writing Center. This process developed quickly and efficiently thanks to Tenerelli’s adaptable attitude.

Being a team player benefits her colleagues, as well. From putting together PowerPoint presentations on data extractions to assisting the American Sign Language lab tutors, Tenerelli is patient with and inclusive to every staff and faculty member she encounters. “Margaret trained me in August 2019 in every aspect of my new job. She was so welcoming. She calmed my nerves, allowed me to ask questions and was always available in person, by phone or email,” said Mary Currier, departmental assistant in  Liberal Arts.

Tenerelli notes her favorite part of her job is witnessing the transformation students undergo from using the Speaking and Writing Center. “It’s a night and day difference when students come in versus when they leave. We can assist students at whatever level they’re at, and it’s rewarding to see the students become more confident in their speaking and writing abilities. Student success isn’t just something  we preach; it is something we accomplish.”