It’s been suggested that Lynn Doulas’ middle name should be “teamwork.” After all, the vast majority of her work is a collaborative effort with others on campus.

Doulas, Bookstore Operations Coordinator, named the 2017 Robert E. Turner Service Award recipient, works with administrators, faculty and support staff to make sure she’s keeping the college’s mission at the forefront. “Team work is important to Lynn,” said one of her nominators. “She understands that the best work is accomplished when a team works together. She leads the Bookstore employees to get the work done for the students. She works alongside the administration and unions to promote teamwork for the good of Moraine Valley.”

Doulas was excited to learn she won this award.

“It’s so nice to know your colleagues think you deserve this,” she said. Her nominators also pointed out Doulas
always puts students first, whether it’s providing them with the materials they need for classes in a quick and efficient manner or making sure there’s a plentiful supply of popcorn during the first few weeks of each semester. On several occasions, Doulas has taken staff to Springfield to rally for MAP grant funding for the students and funding for the college and all public colleges in the state. She’s said to “consistently provide selfless service to the college in her daily work,” is “extremely flexible and able to handle multiple responsibilities while working in a high-demand workplace,” and “is a great team leader who is highly respected in the workplace by her co-workers, supervisors and peers.”

In addition to Doulas’ duties in the Bookstore, she serves as the president of the Support Staff Association. “Lynn represents the support staff with pride and is a great example for staff to look up to. In her role as union president, she must establish a good working relationship to represent members effectively,” said one of her nominators.

Seeing Doulas smile is a familiar sight on a daily basis. That bright outlook was duly noted in her nomination. “Lynn is a genuine person, and she is always looking out for the best interests of Moraine Valley and its constituents with a positive attitude.” Her nominator also pointed out she is “truly loyal and dedicated to the mission, purpose and philosophy of Moraine Valley.”

Just what is it that makes Doulas smile at work? She said there’s a lot of reasons behind the happy expressions, but mostly it’s because of her colleagues.

“It’s the people,” she said. “It’s like family here. It really is. You think you’re just going to come to work and go home. But you become close with the people here, and they honestly turn into family. There isn’t a day that I don’t love coming to work.”