The best leaders often refer to their team as the source of their success. Dr. Ryen Nagle, Dean of Science, Business and Computer Technology, is no different when talking about receiving the Vernon O. Crawley Leadership Award.

Dr. Nagle works with six academic departments, including cybersecurity, science, business, math, information technology, and culinary arts. Overseeing such diverse and sometimes complex groups and programs brings its own set of challenges, but he collaborates with and relies on leaders with the expertise within those subgroups to attain goals.

“I help them reach their goals with necessary resources and try not to over manage. With the faculty, I believe in autonomy. They know what’s best. Whatever they identify as needs, I try to help. I’ll try to see things in a different way or see what other colleges in Illinois or across the country are doing,” he said.

Dr. Nagle first came to the college in January 2012 as manager of the Dual Credit and Honors Program. He quickly rose to assistant dean of Career Programs and then to his current role in 2013.

During his tenure, Dr. Nagle’s subdivision received the 2014 National Career Pathways Award for the top dual credit program in the country; he established and maintained relationships with various organizations including Moraine Area Career System (MACS) as well as administrative teams from the college’s regional high schools; supported articulation between programs in his subdivision and local four-year colleges and universities; and directed college resources and efforts to establish the Engineering Pathways Program, which is a partnership with the engineering program at the University of Illinois.

Among all his work, Dr. Nagle said he enjoys different ways to offer the best opportunities and programs for students to advance their careers or ensure top-level transfers to four-year colleges and universities. And that requires plenty of teamwork.

“He is a champion at bringing different divisions of the college together. Ryen has to think outside the box and work with his team to come up with new and unique approaches and procedures that meet federal requirements and optimize the college’s resources and staff time,” said his nominators. “He shows the utmost respect for his employees, and his sincerity makes his employees want to work harder and achieve more. He is known for personally taking the time to encourage and recognize staff members throughout the subdivision. It is not uncommon to receive a personal voicemail of encouragement, a thank you card or even a special visit from Ryen to show his gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. He is the type of leader who others try to emulate and honor by serving others and improving our subdivision.”

As for the award itself, Dr. Nagle was happy to be a recipient, especially considering previous winners. “I know how much [past winners] have helped me, and it’s nice to be considered among them,” he said. “It’s nice to be recognized. It’s a pleasure to work with my colleagues. They do a lot with their programs, and it’s an honor to work with them.”