Carol Antosz is approaching her 16th year at Moraine Valley. She is known for her outstanding work ethic and being able to juggle different and important duties – just a few of the reasons she was selected as this year’s Robert E. Turner Award winner.

“Carol is an outstanding team member in the Liberal Arts subdivision. She very effectively and efficiently shoulders a great deal of responsibility in this large subdivision and is often the ‘go-to’ person for faculty and staff for guidance on how to work within the processes of the college. She is loyal and dependable, and among the 250 of us in Liberal Arts, we all value her work and daily contributions to our larger team efforts,” her nominator said.

Antosz handles faculty contracts, independent contract forms, purchase orders, absence records, grade input and other operational processes in the Liberal Arts subdivision. “Day-to-day, there is a lot of hustle and bustle. I support multiple people with multiple needs and thrive on multitasking,” she said.

Antosz believes the environment created by her supervisor, Dr. Walter Fronczek, dean of Liberal Arts, has helped her flourish. “It’s an environment that is relaxed and fun, but we all keep each other in check and on track. I believe in the power of cracking a good joke and the camaraderie among my fellow support staff,” she said. Antosz is active and visible around campus, and she participates in many college committees and college service activities. She is constantly learning about areas outside her subdivision and aims to be supportive and inclusive to her colleagues. Whether she is serving as a new staff mentor or teaming up with admissions for transfer and distinguished scholar events, Antosz is kind and eager in her approach.

“Carol serves as a role model for us all and for our students, fully understanding and appreciating the commitment, focus, and sacrifices necessary to balance work, family and school. Ultimately, she is deeply committed to excellence,”  her nominator said