Being service-oriented and one who demonstrates overall excellence every day are just a few of the reasons Betty Majka was selected as the recipient of the 2024 Part-time Employee Award.

Other attributes for this award include being a team player, displaying loyalty as well as dedication to the college, exhibiting flexibility when it comes to day-to-day responsibilities and having a positive outlook. Majka’s co-workers agree she possesses these traits and more.

Lt. Francisco Arteaga, support services commander, said Majka is an asset to the Police Department. “Over the years, she has developed positive work relationships within the college. She adapts quickly to external and internal changes. Betty has demonstrated flexibility with her work schedule and adapts to new schedule changes and college events,” Arteaga said.

Calling her punctual and dependable, Arteaga said Majka is always willing to help train other community service officers. “She is a fantastic employee and deserves the recognition,” he said.

Developing positive work relationships is one of Majka’s greatest strengths and something she is passionate about, especially when it comes to assisting students — whether
it’s crowd control at an event like graduation, walking students to their car at night or letting them know about the campus food pantry.

“The best part of this job is helping students,” said Majka, who is quick to lend a hand as well as an ear. “When it looks like there will be a problem, I talk to them about avoiding conflict. I tell them to stay calm, ignore those giving them a hard time and focus on graduating. And I let them know
we’re available any time,” she said.

Majka and her coworkers make themselves available throughout the day and evening as needed. If a door is locked and entry is required, Majka will be there to let them in. If an ambulance is called, a community service officer stays on the scene to assist as needed. When there is an event on campus, big or small, it’s Majka or a co-worker who are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“I love to work at graduation,” she said. “I feel like I’m part of it because, for some, I’m the one who helped them stay out of trouble and focus on their goal, which is to graduate. I get to watch them grow and develop, and it just makes me so proud to see so many of the students I have gotten to know graduate.”

Ranking right up at the top as well are the relationships she has formed with staff and faculty. “Everyone in our department gets along so well. We’re really close. Moraine Valley is like my second home. Really, the people in all the departments are so nice and treat me like family. They invite me to their little parties or just to have coffee with them. I feel so comfortable with all of them. We help each other, and we all want to make sure the students are going to be successful young men and women,” she said.

She said she’s also enjoyed watching staff and faculty progress at the college. “To watch them take all the steps to grow their career is wonderful, like Dr. [Sylvia] Jenkins who started out working in the Library and ended up being the college president. It’s just beautiful to see,” she said.

Majka said winning this award was not something she was expecting.

“I was a little shocked and surprised. The whole thing threw me for a loop,” she said. “It’s just such an honor to be recognized for helping people. It could be faculty, it could be staff, it could be students or the strangers who come on the campus. That’s my job, and I love it, so to be recognized for this is wonderful. It’s such an honor, and I’m very grateful.”