When noting why Aaron Johnson, Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communications, should be this year’s recipient of the Nancy Blane Guerra Award, a reoccurring theme popped up in each of the submissions made by 11 people across campus.

In addition to his talent and being a team player, Johnson’s noted attributes include a host of descriptors like collaborative, passionate, dependable, cheerful, professional, committed, intuitive, supportive, and the list goes on. One of the most mentioned qualities is Johnson’s work ethic.

“Aaron goes above and beyond to ensure his work is stellar. The only thing that outshines his talent is his attitude and work ethic. Aaron is one of Moraine Valley’s best ambassadors,” said one of the nominators. Several others noted he is the epitome of a team player, never says no to a request, and despite a heavy work load, always delivers.

“I am truly humbled with this award. It’s awesome to be recognized by your co-workers and see that many people appreciate the effort I’ve put forward,” Johnson said. “I received many notes of congratulations from people all over the college. It’s really heartwarming. There also was a congratulatory email from my former director, Delores Brooks. That was very touching, as she was the person who hired me almost 10 years ago.”

Marketing associations and higher education organizations have nationally recognized Johnson’s creations for excellence, something that does not go unnoticed by others at the college.

“You always can count on top quality, very distinctive pieces from Aaron. He goes above and beyond and adds a special touch to his projects,” said one of his nominators. Another said he, “feels strongly Aaron should be honored with this award as a show of respect for his time, his talent and his commitment to creating the highest quality for his clients.”

And still another said, “Aaron has transformed our department, and we are forever grateful. His support is invaluable.” Johnson said he takes great pride in all of his jobs, small and large. “I enjoy the fact that every day can bring something different, and I love that I get to create work for some very awesome people.”