The entrance into the Fine and Performing Art Center is at ground level and easily accessible. Orchestra-level seating for the Dorothy Menker Theater can be accessed by a ramp located near the main (south) entrance of the building. Balcony seating can be accessed using the Atrium stairs or the elevator located in the hallway near the Box Office. The John and Angeline Oremus Theater is at ground level and easily wheelchair/walker accessible.

Limited wheelchair seating is available in both the Dorothy Menker and the John and Angelina Oremus theaters. If wheelchair seating is not required, but seating that does not require the use of stairs is preferred, contact the Box Office. If you are a guest who will be bringing a service animal, we strongly recommend contacting the Box Office at (708) 974-5500 or

Listening Devices/ASL Interpreter — Wireless listening devices are available at no charge from the Box Office. Patrons must leave a driver’s license or major credit card to use the headset.

If an ASL sign language interpreter is needed, please contact the Box Office. Our Box Office staff then will assign you appropriate seating and arrange for an interpreter. We ask that patrons in need of an ASL interpreter contact the Box Office as early as possible.

ASL and listening device