At the end of each level, swimmers should be able to complete the following skills.

Level 1

Water Safety SkillsFreeStyleBreaststrokeBackstrokeElementary BackstrokeFinal Exam
Submerge Face UnderwaterFront glide: streamline positionFront Glide into Breaststroke ArmsBack Glide: arms by sideBack Glide into Elementary Backstroke ArmsJump into Water, Return to Surface, Swim 1 Pool Length Elementary Backstroke, Swim to Pool Edge and Climb Out
Blow BubblesFreestyle leg kick: on front in streamline position (use kickboard if needed)Breaststroke Leg Kick: on back, arms by sideFreestyle Leg Kick: on back, incorporate arm action
Back Glide into Elementary Backstroke ArmsRetrieve Dive Ring from Bottom of Pool (shallow)
BobbingRetrieve Dive Ring from Bottom of Pool (shallow)
Jump into water: fully submerged
Front float
Back float
Flip from front to back
Practice submerging then returning to surface

Level 2

Water Safety Skills: 5 Ft+FreestyleFreestyle BreathingBreaststrokeBackstrokeSidestrokeFinal Exam
Head-First Surface Dive: Duck diveFront Glide: streamline positionFront Glide into Breathing on Preferred SideBreaststroke Leg Kick: on front, streamline position (use kickboard if needed)Back Glide into Back Stroke ArmsScissor Kick50 yd Elementary Backstroke
Feet-first surface dive: jellyfishFront Glide into Freestyle Arms and Legs TogetherBreaststroke: arms and legs together, incorporate breathingBack Glide into Back Stroke Arms and Legs TogetherSidestroke Arms50 yd Freestyle: using open turns
Sculling with Hands: on back50 yd Backstroke
Treading: sculling with hands and freestyle kick together50 yd Breaststroke
Retrieve Dive Ring from Bottom of Pool (5 ft +)
Tread For 1 Min. using arms and legs together (breaststroke or freestyle leg kick)

Level 3

Water Skills: Deep endFreestyleFreestyle BreathingButterflySidestrokeFinal Exam
Underwater Swimming: breath controlFreestyle: incorporate flip turn at wallFront Glide: practice breathing on both sidesDolphin Kick: streamline position, practice both back and frontSidestroke: arms and legs together, practice on right and left side100 yd Breaststroke
Head-First Surface DiveFront Glide into Freestyle: rhythmic breathing every 3 strokesFront Glide into Dolphin Kick: incorporate butterfly arms100 yd Freestyle (with rhythmic breathing and flip turns)
Feet-First Surface DiveButterfly: arms and legs together, incorporate breathing100 yd Backstroke
Treading: whip kick (egg beater)25 yd Butterfly
Treading: scissor kickRetrieve Dive Ring from Bottom of Deep End
Surface Dive: progression from seated to standingTread for 1 Min.: using only legs (breaststroke, freestyle or whip kick
Surface Dive: progression from seated to standing

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