Work one-on-one with a qualified FitRec swim instructor. Private swim lessons can teach you how to swim or refine your skills. Lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs. Swimmers of all levels, ages and abilities can sign up. It’s never too late to learn how to swim. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and are scheduled on the availability of the swimmer, instructor and pool time. Have a relative or friend of similar age and ability? Semi-private lessons are perfect for 2 persons of similar age and/or ability, at the discretion of the instructor.

Member Pricing

1/2 Hour1 SessionPack of 5Pack of 10

To qualify for member pricing, children 3 and up must have an active dependent or family FitRec monthly membership (1-month memberships do not apply) during the duration of the program. Children 2 years and under can qualify for member pricing if one parent/guardian has a FitRec membership.

Non-Member Pricing

1/2 Hour1 SessionPack of 5Pack of 10

NOTE: Semi-private lessons require the purchase of 1 session/package per swimmer. FitRec does not partner swimmers, so please plan accordingly.

BOOKING INFORMATION: Initial sessions will be booked through the coordinator of aquatics, not online. Future bookings are coordinated with the instructor.  Non-members can only purchase packages in-person at the Membership Services desk.

Scheduling Private Swim Lessons

  1. Stop by Membership Services and purchase the package of your choice, or visit the online portal to purchase a package. Please note, initial bookings will be done through coordinator of aquatics, not online.

  2. Complete a Private Swim Lesson Request Form and return to Membership Services,or fill out the online form.

  3. Clients will be contacted within 3 business days after returning request form,.

For more information on Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons, please contact Ewan Gall at (708) 608-4207 or