Years of Personal Training Experience

3.5 years


Associates in Occupational Therapy


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Training Programming Strengths

Sports performance, high-intensity training, body weight/calisthenics, weight loss, long-distance running and mobility

Exercise equipment that you specialize in

Kettlebells, gymnastic rings/TRX, barbell and Indian clubs

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a trainer because I believe everyone needs to have at least one physical activity that they enjoy and look forward to doing.  I want to help people find what their preferred physical activity is.

Inspirational/motivational quote you live by

“I fear not the lion that is full; I fear the lion that has not yet eaten.”

What motivates  you to work hard?

My personal training style is personalized and meaningful. I facilitate just the right amount of challenge to fit my client’s needs and requirements to reach their goals. Above all, I prioritize the safety of my clients and educate on proper body mechanics.

Favorite personal training experience

I had a group of three that I was consistently training and one time they were doing a stair workout. One of the three stopped and began to lament that she was not as good as the other two to which she began to cry. I stopped the training and talked with all three of them. I intervened and told her how much progress she made since she first started. She had never realized how much she had grown and what strengths she had. At that moment, I realized personal training is more than just making personalized workouts. It is also important to address the mental aspect of training.

Favorite healthy food/meal

Baked salmon with spinach salad and sweet potato fries.

Least favorite exercise or muscle to train on self

I don’t have a least favorite muscle, but I avoid using machines and any exercise that requires sitting because the last thing I want to do at the gym is sit.

Favorite way to spend your day off?

Go on a run, spend time with my dog, make a deep-dish pizza, and read.