Years of Experience
5 years

-B.S. degree in Physical Education & Health from Chicago State University
-A.A.S. degree in Fitness & Exercise at Prairie State College

-ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
-Group Fitness Instructor Certificate & Personal Trainer Certificate received through Prairie State College

Personal Training Experience
I have been training for about three years. I have worked at Prairie State College as a fitness attendant / personal trainer. From there I went to work at LA Fitness as personal trainer. I also worked as an independent personal trainer at a local gym for a brief stint of time. During my training career I have performed athletic based training, training for weight loss, strength & conditioning, and functional training.

My hobbies and interests are spending time with family and friends, exercising, occasionally participating in recreational sports and activities, music, and news/current affairs.

Philosophy/Goals of Being a Trainer
I believe fitness is an avenue to improve the quality and longevity life. I am also a firm believer of the positive effects that physical activity has on the body cognitively and physically. My goals as a trainer are to help my clients reach and maintain their fitness goals, coach them during the process the best I can, and provide fun yet effective workouts.

As a Personal Trainer, I feel that my strengths are:
My strengths as a Personal Trainer are I am reliable, relatable, well prepared. I excel at training for weight loss; training beginner or novice individuals, circuit training, high intensity training, and strength gain.