Where are sessions held?
Personal training sessions typically are held on the fitness floor, but are not limited to that area. The personal trainer mainly uses the cardiorespiratory machines, walking track, weight training machines, free-weight area, Synrgy360 training area, studios and other small areas on the fitness floor for more effective one-on-one personalized training.  Some sessions may utilize the gymnasium, pool or X-rooms (KidRec) based on client needs. The personal trainers tend to use the entire floor as they work with you but they will always base your workout on your goals and needs.

Who are the trainers?
We have 9 certified and committed personal trainers on staff. These individuals will provide education, motivation and a workout that is safe, effective and appropriate for your goals and needs. Each trainer is well qualified to train and brings unique talents and knowledge base to our facility. We have trainers that specialize in weight reduction, sports training and conditioning, marathon preparation, stress reduction, mind/body techniques, senior fitness, youth fitness, as well as the ability to help those with health conditions such as heart, lung and other metabolic disease. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences have prepared us to serve you and your goals. Read more about each trainer here. We have a biography on each of our personal trainers to help you secure a trainer that best fits you.

How do I get started?
You are welcome to select your own personal trainer or we will help match you with a trainer. The coordinator of personal training services can assist you in choosing a trainer that best meets your goals and time availability. Perhaps you already know which trainer you want, then the coordinator will organize this process and will contact the personal trainer. We feel that this is more time effective for you and your trainer; plus the coordinator will be able to process the necessary documents and information needed for these training sessions.

How to start: (1) if you have questions or concerns; or just wish to learn more about the personal training service, please contact Ellen Papan, Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness Services at 708-608-4029. (2) Stop by Membership Services or call (708) 608-4000 and purchase the package or session of your choice. (3) Complete the Getting Started Packet and return to Membership Services. (4) Clients will be contacted within 2-3 business days after returning the packet in order to schedule your first appointment and to ask questions.

Do I need a doctor’s clearance to participate?
After a complete review of your health history, exercise history and goals, the personal training team will determine if a doctor’s clearance is necessary to participate in personal training sessions. Need for doctor’s clearance includes, but is not limited to, any pre-existing cardiovascular or metabolic condition, surgery within the last six months, or physical therapy within the last six months. The personal training team will determine this either at the time of reviewing your submitted Getting Started Packet or after speaking with you one-on-one. If you are already aware that you may need a doctor’s clearance to participate in personal training, the doctor’s clearance form is available here for your convenience.

When are the sessions?
Since personal training is personalized, you and your trainer will discuss on the phone, or in person, when you would prefer to schedule your first personal training appointment. The both of you will establish the first date and time that you will officially meet and begin your journey. You will work together to determine all of your appointments.

Usually training session frequency is based on your goals and health status. Some clients will want to train once per week, while others may want once every two weeks. Some may feel that they need more guidance/learning or more workouts so twice per week may be more efficient. Typically, most clients choose once per week to receive personal training. Regardless of your goals, the choice is ultimately yours. The coordinator or the trainer can help you make this decision if you are not sure.

Potential clients also have questions and concerns regarding if they should choose a 30-minute personal training session or if they should choose the 60-minute session. Again, the coordinator or trainer will be glad to assist you in choosing the right time amount, however, it still is your decision. It is suggested that for those clients who wish to be educated or need more time learning the new exercises, that they are best to choose the 60-minute time frame per session. This 60-minute session will give the trainer more time to show you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively, plus it will allow for more time to ask questions and to go over movements. The 60-minute session is also very good for the client who simply wants more exercises within the session and wishes to challenge themselves based on their personal goals. Much work can be done in a longer period of time, so we also suggest this time frame for those desiring this type of workout with their trainer.

The 30-minute session is great for those who have time constraints, or wish to begin with minimal amounts of time at first or even for someone who has a good knowledge of exercise, but is interested in the trainer providing 30-minutes of appropriate intensity based exercise. Regardless of your goals, the 30-minute time frame may be the right fit for you.

Work with your trainer or the coordinator to discuss your goals, interests and health levels to assist you in determining the best time for your session. Personal training is an investment in your time and health, and we want to be sure that what is chosen will work out best for you and the cost invested.

What are the expectations during the first session?
After a complete review of your health history, exercise history and goals, the trainer will have a consultation session with you, both on the phone and/or in person during your first scheduled appointment. During this time, the personal trainer will ask in greater detail for your goals and needs, as well as to discuss health concerns, exercise history and knowledge. Your trainer then creates a personalized exercise program, focusing on proper form and measurable outcomes. During your first scheduled appointment, you can be sure that proper form will be demonstrated and analyzed during every exercise. The trainer will provide education, motivation, and feedback in order for you to reach your goals.

Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service, safe and effective fitness programming and training, and continuous support. Depending on your goals and the trainer, you can expect to warm-up and then begin your workout. Trainers will have you performing cardiorespiratory exercises, strength training, flexibility training, balance training, as well as other types of training based on your goals. Each session may be different than the one previous, based on what you are attempting to accomplish. The trainer will use different equipment or perhaps none at all, but usually personal trainers use a variety of training methods and equipment to provide an appropriate intensity and challenging workout that suits your abilities. Trainers tend to work with you to design and implement your workout, instead of just creating one. The best outcomes usually happen when the trainer AND the client work together to find the best exercise to help you reach your goals.

How long does it take me to reach my goals?
It typically takes 8-12 weeks for the body to make physiological changes after beginning a serious and regular workout routine. Consistency and dedication are two very important qualities needed to begin making changes in your body. Many clients wish to lose weight, tone up, improve their strength, improve flexibility, etc., just to name a few goals, but the key is a solid program and then sticking to it, week after week.

Our goal is to help you with the best possible goal setting, followed by the safest and most effective exercise program based on your health level and goals. Next, you would want to establishing a weekly appointment with your trainer, as well as establishing your other workouts. Each client needs to have at least 2-5 days per week of exercise in order to gain benefits, of course based on goals and health levels. If you wish to change your health, you will need to plan on exercising on your own if you do not wish to plan several workouts per week with your trainer.

There are no guarantees as to how long it will take you to lose weight or improve in strength, because it is simply based on the individual person and the type of exercise program and the time involved. However, expect to see great changes in how you feel and actual physical changes in about 3-5 months after beginning with your trainer.

For more information on Personal Training, please contact Ellen Papan, Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness Services at 708-608-4029.