KidRec offers unlimited KidCare visits, open times for families to enjoy together, and additional classes and programs designed to meet the needs of your children 3 months-13 years old. KidRec is available for members as a monthly add-on fee and non-members at the daily drop-in fee.

For more information about KidRec, please contact us at

TotsLandings Tots Landing – Ages 0-6 Primarily for KidRec drop-off

Sports Zone – All Ages Activity space for soccer, floor hockey, and other sports programs

Kid Central – All Ages Multi-purpose room for dance, birthday parties, meetings, arts and crafts, and other sports programs

Parent Zone – While your child plays in KidRec, relax here. This space provides a great sight line to many areas in KidRec.






X-Room (West) – 
Ages 6-15 Fun fitness areas with technology, a bouldering wall and multiple pieces to encourage activity. Times will be available for KidCare drop-off.






X-Room (East) – 
Ages 6-15 Fun fitness areas with technology, a bouldering wall and multiple pieces to encourage activity. Times will be available for KidCare drop-off.

Key features

Bouldering Wall: The wall, located in X-Room West, is approximately 8 feet high and 30 feet across. The fun and challenge of a bouldering wall is making it from one side to the other, rather than to the top. Climbers can choose to use any color hand hold, or try the extra challenge of climbing using only hand holds of the same color.

Exergame Equipment:

T-wall®: The T-wall® is an interactive sports device using light pulses to specifically initiate motion sequences. Speed and agility are tested by deactivating the light as quickly as possible by pressing the buttons.

Exerbike: Biking never gets boring with the Exerbike. Ideal for kids and teenagers, this is the perfect item to help them get used to the gym. It connects the fun of video gaming to the world of exercise. X-Box games featured include sports and racing games. In order to play, you must pedal!

Pavigym Square: Teens can train and practice multiple and varied exercises at their own level: balance, speed, reactions, stability, precision, coordination, agility, mobility, and postural control. Working with a partner enables fun competitions between kids!

Fit Interactive 3 Kick: Punch and kick for a seriously fun workout! The faster you go, the better your score. You can compete against yourself, others, or as a team.

iDANCE: Have a non-stop dance party in X Rooms! iDANCE is a multiplayer interactive dance game that uses real time scoring to see if you have the right moves. Pick from 100s of fast-paced songs to keep your heart rate going.

iWall – Get your game on with iWall!  iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game. Play on your own or share with the fun with someone in multiplayer mode with this exciting product.

Makoto Training Arena – This fitness product isn’t just a way to help athletes improve their reaction time and focus, it can also help with body-brain connections. What’s better than exercising the body as well as the brain?

Playsmart Indoor Playground: Children can jump around in the Kangaroo Room, bounce on the rodeo riders, frog hop between trees on the lily pads, and zip down the slide in our indoor playground located in Tots Landing.