Free Personal Training Equipment Sessions - July

Mon., July 116-6:30 p.m.Dynamic Warm-Up ExercisesLindsay Gallovitch
Tues., July 122-2:30 p.m.Secrets of StretchingJosh Szopinski
Tues., July 126-6:30 p.m.Balance and StabilityJana Terborg
Wed., July 134:30-5 p.m.Balance and Arch SupportMary Bina
Wed., July 135-5:30 p.m.Core ActivationJesus Vargas
Thurs., July 144-4:30 p.m.How to Make Cardio FunDarrell Fisher
Mon., July 186-6:30 p.m.Medicine Ball ExercisesLindsay Gallovitch
Tues., July 194-4:30 p.m.Fundamentals of Weight Training for BeginnersDarrell Fisher
Wed., July 208-8:30 a.m.Mindfulness as a Key to Safe ExerciseTim Grutzius
Wed., July 201:30-2 p.m.Core CompetencyJosh Szopinski
Wed., July 205-5:30 p.m.Introduction to Balance TrainingJesus Vargas
Tues., July 2612-12:30 p.m.Core and Hip StrongSue Kempczynski
Wed., July 271-1:30 p.m.It’s “Hip” to BalanceSue Kempczynski
Wed., July 275:30-6 p.m.Squats and Lunges 101Jana Terborg

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