Do I get points for membership dues, locker rentals or gift card purchases?
Points will not be awarded for payments toward your monthly memberships dues, any locker rentals or gift card purchases. 100 points will be awarded for an annual membership purchase.

What if it is saying my account/name does not exist?
The system only recognizes members or students with active memberships. If you are frozen, or inactive for any reason, your FitRec Rewards account will be inactive for use.

This could be caused by something as simple as a mistype in your name, email, or phone number. Please double check your spelling. If it still is giving you the error, please call Membership Services, or email Pam Lawrence at, to update/verify your information. The information provided during your membership registration could have been mis-typed into our system.

What do I do if my points aren’t showing up?
Please allow 24-48 hours for points to appear. Contact Membership Services if you have any questions. We are currently experiencing a delay in the points being placed on accounts. Please give the system at least one week to update. If you do not see your points after this time, please submit an Inquiry Form

I have a 1-month membership. Do I qualify for FitRec Rewards?
FitRec Rewards is not available for 1-month members. It is only available for members paying monthly or annually.

Can the same email address be used for multiple people?
The same email can be used for multiple people, but different passwords must be created. Please make sure all members have an email listed on file with Membership Services. We recommend members use a separate email address if they are over 16 years old.

Who gets the points: the purchaser or the participant?
The individual participating in the program will receive the points.

Do I get points for previous purchases?
Points will be awarded only for purchases made after your FitRec Rewards account is activated.

Can I combine my points with other members?
The main member on your FitRec membership account will have the ability to combine the points of the dependents and/or spouses listed on the account. Please fill out a Transfer Points form and submit it to Membership Services.

How do I redeem the points?
If you are ready to redeem points, log into your FitRec Rewards account and click “Redeem my Points.” For FitRec prizes, please stop by Membership Services to redeem the prize after submitting the online request. All other prizes will be shipped to the address listed on your FitRec Rewards account in 10-14 business days.

Do my points expire?
As long as you have an active FitRec membership, your points do not expire. If you cancel or freeze your membership or it becomes inactive for any reason, your points will be frozen. As soon as your membership becomes active again, your points will be available.

Can points be taken away or my rewards account be deactivated?
If FitRec feels there is wrongful activity on your rewards account or with your FitRec membership, FitRec has the ability to take away points or deactivate your rewards account and/or membership. Members will be contacted before this occurs to discuss the outcome.