Membership Lengths and Terms

One-Month Memberships
Date to date with no cancellation fee. Not allowed to add or change sub-members/dependents on one-month family memberships. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Monthly Memberships
Community members are required to maintain a membership for at least 6 billing cycles to avoid cancellation fee. A credit card is required to be stored on file for monthly billing. Billing will occur during the 2-5 of each month (first business day of the month). If the credit card is declined during billing, membership access will be suspended until the monthly fee is paid and a new card is put on file. Failure to pay the monthly fee will result in suspension or termination of the membership.

Annual Memberships
A 12-month (annual) membership will be offered for all membership types to all interested members. The rate will equal the monthly rate x 12 months plus a discount of 10%. The total amount must be paid upfront to receive the 10% discount. This membership is non-transferable, non-refundable and not eligible for freezing.

Membership Payment
Payment options include credit, debit, check, and cash. Payroll deduction is available for all benefit eligible MVCC Employees. Payment options for monthly memberships include credit or debit card only. A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks, or closed accounts. Members enrolled in monthly billing must update credit cards with the membership office and are subject to additional fees for declined or expired credit cards.

One-Day Guest Passes
Member-sponsored guest passes will be available at a cost of $15 for community guests, $10 for member-sponsored community guests under the age of 16 and $10 for Moraine Valley students and active employees. Guests ages 16 & 17 must have the guest waiver signed by their legal guardian to utilize the facility, but may enter without adult supervision. A parent/guardian/adult over the age of 18 is allowed to purchase a guest pass for a child 15 and under, but must abide by the facility policies and age restrictions. Guests will have access to group fitness classes and open recreation areas (if space is available), but must enroll in any Instructional Programs to attend. Guests must provide a picture ID and sign a release of liability form. The guest pass is good for one entry to the facility and they must enter and exit with their member sponsor; guests may not exit the facility and re-enter at a later time.

Cancellation Policy
When requesting to cancel a membership, a completed cancellation form must be submitted 5 days prior to the first of the month in which the membership is to be terminated. Cancellations will not be taken over the phone. Memberships must complete a minimum of 6 billing cycles to avoid a cancellation fee of $40 per membership. Memberships subject to this include: community, community spouse, community dependents, community family, senior/retiree/military, Cyclone, and Breakfast Club memberships. FitRec does not refund memberships based on lack of use. One-month memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Moraine Valley faculty and staff utilizing payroll deduction may have an additional paycheck deduction after termination to offset payroll deduction set-up time.

Freeze Policy
Freezing is limited to Monthly Memberships only. Members that wish to freeze their membership should contact Membership Services. A freeze form must be submitted to the membership office 5 days prior to the first month in which you would like to freeze your membership. Indicate on the form the months that you wish to freeze. Your account will be charged automatically the first of the month after your final freeze month and access will resume. You must have your membership for at least three months before you can freeze. Spouse, dependent and family memberships will freeze during this process as well. Locker rentals will not freeze and refunds will not be granted for this period. Please note your expiration date on your locker before you freeze your membership.  Freezes must be at least one month in length (date to date i.e. June 10 to July 10) and no longer than 6 months within a 12-month period.  A maximum of 3 freezes per year are allowed.

Rate Changes
Campus Recreation will reserve the right to increase fees with 30 days notice to members. Annual memberships paid upfront will not be affected by any increase until after the expiration date of the paid membership.

Additional Policies

  • Refunds due to routine maintenance closures or other closures deemed necessary by staff will not be granted.
  • Dependents will not be permitted to have a permanent locker.
  • Strollers are not allowed on walking track.
  • Family changing rooms are provided on the first floor. Mixed genders are not permitted in restrooms/locker rooms over the age of 3.
  • Must be 18 and older to use the whirlpool.
  • Swim diapers are required for non-potty-trained children using the pool.

Click here for listing of general membership and facility policies.