Here at FitRec, we have new program to demo! SwimFit is an instructional class using the lap pool, mixing land and water strength exercises with traditional swim train­ing. Participants will use Aquastrength equipment and experience this unique method of strength training in combination with the various drills. Whether you are a swimmer looking to bring the gym into your swim train­ing or a regular gym user looking for an alternative pool-based workout class, SwimFit may be the new challenge for your workout routine.


Swimmers of moderate ability and above. Goggles are also recommended.

Registration required. Registration closes at 5 pm the day before first class.


Classes are 30 minutes each.

Every Wednesday (March 4 through April 22) • Two classes: 5:20-5:50 pm & 5:50-6:20 pm

Every Friday (March 6 through April 24 Two classes: 6:45-7:15 am & 7:15-7:45 am


Pool – Lane 4


Monday & Wednesday Classes (8 weeks): Member= $64, Non-Member= $96
Friday Classes (7 weeks): Member= $56, Non-Member=$84