Nutrition Coaching and Stretch Coaching are other offerings at FitRec.  Nutrition coaches will coach clients through the nutritional aspects of healthier living.  Our nationally certified nutrition coaches focus on behavior changes that will assist in healthier habits.  A nutrition coach provides education and guidance to clients on their fitness journey and act as a support system to help map out appropriate and attainable goals.  While a nutrition coach can not prescribe supplements or create meal plans, a nutrition coach can share resources and strategies to reach healthier lifestyle goals.  One-on-one or duo nutrition coaching packages are available to individuals ages 16 and older.  Prices for nutrition coaching services are listed below.

Nutrition Coaching Prices

SessionsSingle MemberSingle Non-MemberDuo Member (per person)Duo Non-Member (per person)
1 Session$56$81$38$57
Pack of 5$270$395$185$280
Pack of 10$525$775$355$540
Pack of 20$1025$1525$695$1065

Stretch coaching is a newer service at FitRec. Certified stretch coaches will perform a series of hands-on stretches to increase mobility and flexibility of a muscle or group of muscles. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) involves both stretching and contracting (activation) of the muscle group being targeted in order to achieve maximum flexibility. One-on-one packages are available to individuals 13 or older.  Prices for stretch coaching services are listed below. 

Individual Stretch Coaching Prices

Packages1/2 Hour Member1/2 Hour Non-Member1 Hour Member1 Hour Non-Member
1 Session$35$53$65$98
Pack of 5$165$248$315$473
Pack of 10$315$473$620$930
Pack of 20$620$930$1200$1800