If you are looking for something different to read or watch (after your workout of course) than please take a look at what our FitRec Personal Trainers are currently enjoying! Maybe you’ll find something interesting in our choices!

Already finished with your workout for the day? Perhaps you also already tackled other things on your to-do list? Maybe it’s time to take a break and relax with a good book or movie!

Take a look at some of our trainer’s recommendations for Books, Movies, and even TV shows! You might find something interesting amongst our favorites!


Anna Marie Forbes recommends “Knives Out” ~ I love a great murder mystery! It keeps you on your toes with suspense and comedy! Honestly it was great for a Saturday afternoon! Maybe even order in Chipotle from DoorDash! 😉

“Lord of the Rings Trilogy” – My husband and I have to watch this one every couple of years! Perfect for gloomy days since each movie is a couple hours. There are so many lovable characters and the story line will keep your attention! ~ Andrea Grimes

My recommendation is two-fold, it’s a movie but also a great book! “Holes” was written by Louis Sachar, but the movie follows the book pretty well! It is a mixture of mystery and comedy following a boy named Stanley Yelnats. He is falsely accused of a crime and sent to a detention center to build character by digging holes. The book cane out in 1998 and the movie in 2003. A fun adventure both as book and movie! ~ Jay Guerrero

I just recently watched the movie “Knives Out’ and highly recommend it! It’s a clever mystery film with some humor in it! It keeps you on your toes and has a memorable ending! ~ Pat Finucane

“Medicine Man” Starring Sean Connery. It is the story about scientists working towards a cure for cancer. It is really about perseverance in the face of adversity. Something I think we can all use right now! ~ Tim Grutzius


“Art of War” by Sun Tzu, is a book I end up re-reading every year! It’s a mixture of history and knowledge. Basically it was written by a general from Ancient China, and has helpful information ranging from things like organization, work, and just being a better person! Every time I read it I feel like I learn something new or interpret something differently! ~ Joshua Szopinski

I have been reading a book called “Functional Training” by Juan Carlos Santana and it is one of my favorite exercise books! I enjoyed the book because it provided foundational information, different functional assessments, and new exercises! It’s always good to learn new things and as well as go back and relearn something! I even recommend it for others to read, it has a lot of great information! ~ Lindsay Gallovitch

A great read for anyone who feels overwhelmed with having to ‘do it all’ is called “Pick Three” by Randi Zuckerberg. This books approach is all about choosing three things each day you’d like to focus on. It has definitely changed the way I approach my own life. ~ Andrea Grimes

I’ve been reading a book called “The Seventh Day” by Yu Hua. It’s about passing/crossing over and entering the after life. It’s described as being more so as a waiting room before you cross over (I totally pictured Beetle Juice). The character meets souls that are also waiting and listens to their stories, some stories are tragic, but beautifully told! He also talks about how living in the physical world is filled with greed, power, and status but when that is all removed from the world we are only left with empathy, love, compassion, and human bonding. I really enjoyed it! ~Viviana Gamboa

“The Power of Surrender” by Dr. Judith Orloff. One notable quote in this book “When you’ve gone as far as you can go, quietly await your next beginning.” This book talks about how to thrive in this crazy world, by “Surrendering” to different aspects of our lives such as success, money, and communication. It teaches you how to turn off our overactive minds and ways to stop worrying so we can have peace of mind!~ Tim Grutzius

TV Shows

I totally recommend “Better Call Saul.” It’s the prequel to “Breaking Bad” (Another show I think everyone should watch) and is highly acclaimed! By far has the best writing and story out of anything on TV. It is often compared to “Breaking Bad” and some say it is even better. I love it because we already know what happens the characters and the way this story is told just makes this show phenomenal ~ Melvin Germino

I started watching “Agent Carter” on Disney+. It has a lot of connections to the Marvel Movies, but with more of a detective feel to it. I really am enjoying it! I also started watching “The Office,” which is known as a light-hearted comedy. I haven’t watched it since it has aired on television and it is still hilarious! Perfect to help reduce some of that stress! ~ Lindsay Gallovitch

I honestly enjoy “New Amsterdam” and I am bummed that it ended early this season! It’s about this doctor who becomes the medical director of New Amsterdam hospital and basically fires the entire staff, with a goal of rebuilding the medical field. The doctors he fired basically had bad morals and his goal is to fix that. The series is based off the book “The Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” by Eric Manheimer, MD. Each episode there is some sort of issue/ problem that needs solving but the compassion in the writing is why I watch it. You can watch both seasons on NBC.com ~Joshua Szopinski

I’ve actually been watching a lot of different things! “YOU”, “Locke & Key”, and “Hunters”. “YOU” is addicting and crazy because this guy thinks he genuinely not doing anything wrong! “Locke & Key” is kind of a little mystery and family friendly, and “Hunters” is action packed and eye opening because it’s about the Holocaust and a group of people that ban together to hunt Nazis in America. ~Sarah Young

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