Fall is right around the corner which means kids will be going back to school soon! Whether your school will be offering in-person or remote learning, there are essentials on the back-to-school shopping list that all students will need. Since many changes have taken place in schools, kids are also going to need a lot of support and encouragement from their family to help them succeed throughout the year.
Here are some school supplies that can help students stay focused and provide a fun element as well! These items are low cost and can be ordered online or in stores, such as Staples, Walmart, & Michael’s.

Inspirational Quote Pencils
These are a great way to send a boost of confidence during homework time! Each pencil has an inspirational saying to help kids feel inspired. A pencil sharpener is also included in the set.

Erasable Highlighters
Highlighting is a useful strategy when studying or note taking. These markers have the ability to white out or erase a highlighted section just in case.

Silly Scent Markers
Want to make art projects even more fun? These washable markers smell like your kid’s favorite treats.

Reusable Face Masks
If masks are required at school, why not have a little variety. These packs are sold with 5 masks so students can switch it up each day.

Post-it Arrow Flags
Use post-it arrows to save your place quickly, instead of using highlighters or writing notes by hand. This can help students stay organized and the pop of color makes things a little more interesting.​