Countdown Runs: Sept. 5-Oct. 24

The nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle challenges of this 52-day Best Body Countdown are strategically designed to help you reach your Best Body, regardless of your starting fitness level or weight.

The interactive materials you’ll receive will guide you step-by-step to your Best Body over 52 days, providing you with daily strategies and recipes so that you can feel and see results along the way. You will receive support from including daily emails, a Facebook group support; a Best Body Success Journal and Meal Measure along with in-person weekly meetings and pre/post fitness assessments.

Not only will you wrap up the Countdown having reached Your Best Body, but you will have built the foundation to maintain the new you forever – without looking back!

Step 1:
Register @ FitRec Membership Desk or online

  • Opens Thursday, August 7
  • Closes Wednesday, August 23

Types of Registrations to choose from:

  • Best Body Basic: Members $89 / Non-Members $119 / MVCC Employees $99
    • Fee includes: Best Body Success Journal, meal measure, secret Facebook group, daily accountability emails, weekly live meetings and pre/post assessments.
  • BBB + 5 Personal Training Sessions (1Hr Sessions): Members $275/ Non-Members $400 / MVCC Employees $370
  • Best Body Alumni: Members $75 / Non-Members $105 / MVCC Employees $85
  • Best Body Alumni + 5 Personal Training Sessions (1 Hr Sessiosn): Members $260 / Non-Members $385 / MVCC Employees $355

Refund Policy for BB-Due to the cost of the materials, once registered, there will be no refunds provided for any reason.

Step 2:
Pick-up for Best Body materials will be @ FitRec in H196. Facilitator will email when materials are ready for pick up.
Moraine Valley Community College, Health, Fitness & Recreation Center, H196, 9000 West College Parkway, Palos Hills

Step 3:
Best Body “Let the Countdown Begin” event @ FitRec on Tuesday, September 5 from 5-6:30 p.m. in H177A. Bring your Best Body materials and participate in pre-assessment screening.

Step 4:

Best Body weekly meetings @ FitRec in room H264 from 12-12:45 p.m. or 6-6:45 p.m.

-Tuesday, September 12 – “Get Moving” meeting, be dressed to exercise!

-Tuesday, September 19

-Tuesday, September 26

-Tuesday, October 3

-Tuesday, October 10

-Tuesday, October 17

Step 5:
Best Body “You Made It” event @ FitRec on Thursday, October 26 from 5-6:30 p.m. in H177A. Bring your Best Body materials and participate in post assessment screening.


For more information on 52 Day Best Body, please contact Lisa Eaton Wright at or (708) 974-5520.


What if I don’t use Facebook?
Joining the FB group is not required. But, even if you don’t plan to continue with FB use after the 52 days, you’ll want to create a FB page just for the support of the fabulous Best Body Club. You can delete your page afterwards if desired.

How do I join the private Best Body Club Facebook group?
You will receive an email the Thursday before the Countdown begins with a link to request to join the private group.

Will anyone be able to see my info on the private Facebook Group?
No posts, nor any photos you post will be visible to anyone except Best Body Club members on the same journey as you!

About the Countdown & Celebration Assessment:
Wear form-fitting (but not spanx), lightweight clothing that reveals the humps and bumps you want gone. You will want to be comfortable, as you’ll be doing a timed plank exercise (instructions will be given) to assess your starting point. You will also have 2 measurements taken. Everyone has to start somewhere! NO stressing!

What if I won’t be able to exercise as often as recommended in the program – should I just not enroll?
For Best-Body results, 5 days per week of exercise is recommended over the 52 days – which is just about 8 weeks. However, for example, if you have an injury that will prevent you from doing so, make a note in your Success Journal of what you WILL do, putting your modification in writing and committing to it. It is better than giving up on the pursuit of Your Best Body. You will learn a lot regardless, and make changes for the better while working towards getting yourself to a place where you can meet your next exercise goal.

I understand sugar is limited during the Countdown…what if I just don’t think I can cut back? Should I just not enroll in the program?
This is the most common fear for future Best Body Countdown participants.You will be amazed as to how well you do with the support from the Best Body Club group and the expert step-by-step advice from the Success Journal author. Not to mention, the Best Body Cookbook & Menu plan give you delicious alternatives to help replace your old habits (and recipes) with new ones. Just check out the Success Stories on the website for reassurance: lots of sugar-addicts commenting that they are no-longer enslaved to it! You CAN do it!

What if I have a trip planned in the middle of the 52 days?
You must plan ahead for this! Getting out of routine right after setting up new framework for a healthier lifestyle definitely could throw you off course if you are not prepared. In advance, write in your Success Journal any modifications to your daily goals that you will need to make during your trip, and fully commit to the temporary parameters you establish for while you are away from home, even if unable to do as well as you would have done if you were at home. Don’t quit just because you are away – plan to jump right back 100% on board when you return! Have someone check in with you that will hold you accountable.

For more information on 52 Day Best Body, please contact Lisa Eaton Wright at or (708) 974-5520.