Breathe in the Benefits of Children’s Meditation

Meditation is the process of turning inward, calming the mind, and practicing presence. In our world today, especially with children adapting to a new way of life with parents working at home and having to adjust to e-learning, it can be incredibly helpful for children to learn to slow down, breathe deeply, clear their minds, and practice mindfulness.

Kids who practice meditation and mindfulness see a lot of benefits including increased focus, self-control, better relationships. Even just a few minutes spent in meditation daily can have amazing benefits for kids. They include:

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

The practice of meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety in children. Teaching children to focus on their breath and other calming techniques can give them the tools to come back to a calm, present state. Listening to guided meditations for kids is a great way to help children get started on their meditation journey.

Creates an Opportunity to Unplug

Meditation is an opportunity for a child to unplug and just feel. It gives them coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations, and it helps their minds and bodies unite in one calming exercise. Teaching meditation to children can help improve their performance in school, their sleep patterns, and their overall emotion regulation.

Increases Focus

Because some meditations may require kids to focus on their breathing or focus on a word or on a sound for a duration of time, this helps to increase attention span to focus on completing things in the moment.

Improves Sleep

Kids who practice meditation can strengthen their immune system, lower stress, and even improve their sleeping. The best times to meditate are right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. Meditating before bed allows for deeper sleep, keeping your child well-rested and prepared for school or other activities.

Create a comfortable space for you and your kids and follow along with these quick guided meditations from YouTube a video on breathing techniques from FitRec instructor Erin Stevenson.

Click here to watch a YouTube video on The Butterfly – Kids’ Meditation

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