Moraine Valley employees are eligible to purchase a membership for $26 per month with no activation or cancellation fees. All faculty/staff are required to have and use a Moraine Valley ID card, issued at Building S, to gain access. They may add a spouse and/or dependent to their accounts for a monthly fee. They also may sign up as a family membership. Family memberships include the employee and up to 5 additional related family members that live in the same household. Proof of relation is required for all sub members. A Moraine Valley Community College retiree must be formally retired from the college and the SURS pension system, and have a Moraine Valley ID that states “retiree.”
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Benefit eligible faculty/staff are allowed to utilize payroll deduction for their personal, spouse, and/or family monthly memberships. An equal amount will be deducted from each paycheck (paycheck amount = membership month price x 12 months/26 paychecks). Adjunct faculty/staff members are only eligible to purchase the monthly memberships. Moraine Valley employees who also are taking classes will be considered faculty/staff members in terms of membership status regardless of their course load (excluding student employees).

Register for a Membership
To register for a membership to FitRec, visit Membership Services in Building H. Bring your valid Moraine ID and proper documentation for any spouse or dependents you wish to add. Key tags will be issued to spouse/dependents when they come in to take a picture and sign the facility waiver (only for children over 16 years old). For questions, please call (708) 608-4000.