Please enjoy the following testimonials regarding our rewards program from current and past users. We would love to hear you’re experience with FitRec Rewards. Please email Pam Lawrence at with your story (feel free to include a picture if you would like).

“I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t participate in the FitRec Rewards program.  It’s easy and free. Unlike some loyalty programs at grocery or hardware stores that require pushing coupons to an account, FitRec Rewards participants do nothing except join and redeem points for gifts. Both of these activities are performed online and take a couple of minutes each.

I’ve received points initially for signing up, annually for my membership anniversary and my birthday, each day I attend the gym and special gym events, and when I redeem my points (that was surprising!) I have redeemed my points more than once so far, each time for a $25 gift certificate which I applied to my monthly dues.  That’s free money.” – Gail Hossin

“I have been a Breakfast Club Member of FitRec since 01/2015, this fits my schedule perfectly, my experience has been wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and always willing to help. I enjoy all the classes offered and partake in many of them. The points based system is very user friendly and allowed me to expand my work outs and knowledge by using them at the center for a personal trainer.

I have been involved with other facilities and the FitRec Center is the best by far, clean, well lit and pleasant atmosphere. The fees are fair for the services offered. Looking forward too many more years of being a member and to see what new amenities may be offered as your staff grows. Thanks for opening to the local public and neighbors.” – Donna Carr

“I’ve been with the Health, Fitness and Recreation Center since day one. When I was introduced to the rewards program, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it was. Every time I check in, I acquire reward points. I’m there quite regularly so my points added up quickly.

I strictly swim, so a couple bathing caps and a couple pair of googles have been purchased with my FitRec rewards. I would of paid close to $40.00 if I would of gone to a sports equipment center. That is a substantial savings for using the health club rewards program on a regular basis.” – Josie Tokarski

“Moraine’s FitRec program is just a nice little perk from an already really great facility.   It is like getting a little surprise periodically for just doing something good for yourself.” -Barb Edwards

My husband, Henry and I are thrilled to be members of the Breakfast Club for about 1-1/2 yrs.

While Henry enjoys the track and a few weight machines, I love the variety of classes Moraine Valley FitRec offers, the friendliness and competence of the instructors, and helpfulness of each staff member from the front desk to maintenance workers.

“I received a $25 gift card. The process was very easy. I totally forgot I redeemed the gift card and the friendly staff reminded me to pick it up. Applying it to my monthly membership was pretty easy too.” – Mike G.

“Sad to leave behind points, but while I was there I did get two sizes of gym bags, two colors of jackets, a watch, and and arm band to hold my I-pod while there. However, getting more points every time I renewed  membership or purchased more training sessions with Mary Bina was a great perk!” – Tim Kuesel