Can Moraine Valley students get points for referring other students?
Points will be issued only for referring a community member.

Do I get points for referring my children to sign up?
Points will be awarded only for referrals that result in a new membership created. Any referral that results in changing an existing membership type will not qualify for the referral points.

Points for referring a friend that joins FitRec

    • Current member must submit a referral request via Perkville PRIOR to their individual signing up for a new membership.
    • The guest that you referred must purchase a monthly or annual membership to qualify for the referral points and check in to the facility at least once after purchasing their membership.
    • Points will not be awarded for guests that purchase guest passes or a 1-month membership.

Please note: Points will NOT be awarded for referring current FitRec members or Moraine Valley Students. Referrals only apply to new members who have not previously been a member or sub-member of the HFRC.