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Aquatics Items

ItemSales Price
Children's Goggle (clear, blue or pink)$9.40
Ear Plugs (Adult)$1.99
Goggle - Piranha Blue$13.80
Lap Counter$30.25
Macks Ear Plugs (Kids)$5.55
No Leak Goggles (Adult)$7.00
Nose Clips$4.00
Silicone Swim Caps$7.85
Swim Diapers$1.00
Swim Lap Counter$30.25

FitRec Attire

Sales ItemFinal Sales Price
Badminton Racquet$21.24
FitRec T-Shirt$12
Flip Flops (Boys and Girls)$2.50
Men's Flip Flops$3.00
Men's Shorts$7.85
Men's Socks$1.00
Weight Lifting Gloves $15.90
Women's Flip Flops $2.50
Women's Shorts$9.60
Women's Socks$1.00
Yoga Mat$18.15

FitRec Electronics

ItemSales Price
Ear Buds$5.00
H7 Heart Rate Senors$76.70
Polar Loops$109.00

FitRec Toiletries

ItemSales Price
Advil 2ct$1.00
Colgate Toothbrush$2.50
Colgate Toothpaste$2.50
Crest Toothpaste$1.00
First Aid Kit$1.00
Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream$1.00
Gold Bond Lotion$1.00
Hair Comb$0.50
Hair Gel$1.99
Hair Tie$0.25
Hand Sanitizer$1.00
Jurgens Lotion$1.00
Old Spice Deoderant$1.00
Pert 2-1 Shamp/Cont$1.99
Scope Mouthwash$1.99
Secret Deoderant$1.00
Tresemme Conditioner$1.99
TRESemme Hair Spray$1.00
TRESemme Shampoo$1.99
Tylenol Ex Strength 2ct$1.00