Our goal at FitRec is to provide excellent customer service and assist you in the steps to positive life style changes. Below are a few examples of members that have been positively changed by their experience at FitRec!

Have you had a great experience at FitRec or a life changing story you would like to share? If you are interested in sharing, please contact Julie Longo at julie.longo@morainevalley.edu.

Monthly Member Spotlights




Steve Lovecky, Member since March 2014

October 2016 – Steve Lovecky

“I love coming to FitRec because of the staff and bonds I’ve gotten to form with them. Everything here is always clean and orderly, everyone works hard to make sure things are always put back where they need to be, which you don’t find happening a lot at other gyms. It’s a great environment to workout in.” 
Steve, has been utilizing FitRec since the grand opening in March 2014. His fitness goals are to get stronger and to heavily focus on weight lifting this semester. He is currently working towards a PhD in Exercise Physiology and says it’s something he’s very passionate about.  Here’s to you, future Dr. Steve!


Next Month – This could be YOU!

If you want to share your story or experience at FitRec, let us know! Contact Julie Longo at julie.longo@morainevalley.edu.

Member Testimonials


Gail Hossin, Member since March 2014

“At the end of March 2014, I joined the health center. This was the first time I had set foot in any health center, let alone join one. Within a couple of days, I had taken a cycling class taught by Overtis. That initial class was a struggle. I had a weak core. Consequently, I started coming to the club at least five days a week to improve. I continued taking cycling classes and using the many machines to strengthen various sets of muscles. After two months, I do well in the now more advanced cycling classes and attend Ultimate Conditioning classes, as well. Incidentally, I ordered a dress online in my usual size and had to return it because I lost inches by working out.”

John Ilas

John Ilas, Member since 1997








“I have been a member of the Moraine Valley Fitness Center for 19 years. I make use of the bikes, treadmills, and free weights. I also hope to get to the pool soon. I continue to workout at the Fitness Center to keep me out of nursing homes and wheelchairs. There are good people here. They notice when you’re gone and ask where you’ve been when you return.”

Tony Heim

Tony Heim, Member since 2000

“I’ve been using the Fitness Center at Moraine for 16 years. I get along with everyone here and I enjoy hearing their stories. I usually do some cardio and weight lifting while I’m here. I consider coming here my job and I’m working towards a better quality of life.”