Our goal at FitRec is to provide excellent customer service and assist you in the steps to positive life style changes. Below are a few examples of members that have been positively changed by their experience at FitRec!

Have you had a great experience at FitRec or a life changing story you would like to share? If you are interested in sharing, please contact Rob Huizenga at robert.huizenga@morainevalley.edu.

Monthly Member Spotlights

Alejandro Herrera, Coordinator of Membership and Guest Services at FitRec

January 2018 – Alejandro Herrera FitRec would like to introduce to you our newest full-time staff member. Alejandro Herrera joined us in the month of December as our Coordinator of Memberships & Guest Services! Alejandro is originally from Fort Worth, Texas where he graduated from the University of Northern Texas. He has been involved in Campus Recreation for around 5 years now and wants members to know that he cares about their fitness and health journey! Alejandro’s New Years resolution is to read more books. Currently, he is reading “Spark” by John Ratey and “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Do you have any book recommendations for Alejandro? Or just want to say hello? Try looking for him at the entrance desk on your next visit to the FitRec!

Ewa Zasadnia & Marta Czubiak – Members since March 2014

December 2017 – Ewa Zasadina and Marta Czubiak FitRec twins Ewa Zasadina and Marta Czubiak have been members of FitRec since the beginning. Read more about their testimony below to learn more about why they love FitRec! “When I have time, I like to exercise because it keeps me away from all the other things going on in my life. Working out calms me down and makes me happy. I like to exercise in a group because I have better motivation from other people and coaches which is why the LesMills program is my favorite part of FitRec. I’m so happy and proud that my family and I are FitRec members. FitRec has helped me keep a healthy lifestyle.” “I take my kids very often to Kid Rec where the staff takes care of them. There’s lots of things to do for the kids, like playing sports, doing crafts, etc.”

John Mateja – Members Since March 2014

November 2017 – John Mateja “When Moraine Valley Community College opened the FitRec, my true weight loss journey started. Weighing 317 pounds, I spent the first two years there mostly working on cardio. In 2016, a good friend of mine put me on a weight lifting regimen, and this turned into the next stage of my weight loss journey. After seven months, I was down 70 pounds. I was hooked. My visits became a regular HABIT. Weight loss is a process, but the process is always made easier with the support of others. The staff at the FitRec Center are like family. They are always there to spot me when I need it, and their encouragement always welcomes me back. Thanks to everyone at the FitRec I was able to completely change my life. Through their support, I wish to encourage others too. It’s never too late. With the partnership of the FitRec you can all accomplish any goal you set for yourselves just as I have. Fall in love with the process of weight loss with the help of the FitRec staff and the GAINS WILL COME!!!”

Matt McCarthy – Member Since March 2014

September 2017 – Matt McCarthy Matt has been a member at FitRec since our opening 3 years ago. He is a graduate from Moraine Valley with a degree in nursing and is soon to be on his way in becoming an ER Nurse. Matt is a former collegiate athlete in baseball & wrestling. He continues to be active by playing softball and biking, and hopes to start taking advantage of cycling classes offered at FitRec. “I enjoying coming here because of the cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff as well as other members, and the variety of equipment available. And all the different amenities like the pool, sauna, and hot tub, are great!”

Donna Carr, Member Since January 2015

June 2017 – Donna Carr Donna has been a member of FitRec for almost two years as a breakfast club member. She believes that you get out exactly what you put in. Despite working through multiple strokes and knee replacement Donna has kept active. You can usually find her utilizing group fitness classes, working with Josh and Nancy. Outside of the gym Donna works as a substitute teacher. “I was searching for a gym that had it all. And this place is it. The classes are great and the facility is always clean. I’m happy to be here everyday. Everyone here is pretty happy and I enjoy talking with everyone. I have a lot of fun here.”

Justin Oldenstedt, Member Since May 2015

May 2017 – Justin Oldenstedt Justin has been a member of FitRec for two years, joining during his freshman year. Justin is now a Sophomore at Moraine Valley and hopes to transfer to Arizona State after graduation. You can usually find Justin in the weight room getting his friends into shape. The cleanliness of the facility is something he has always appreciated. “What I like about FitRec is how clean everything is. There is a lot of equipment, so it’s a great place to help my friends get into shape.”

Tracy Rosenstiehl, Member Since July 2016

April 2017 – Tracy Rosenstiehl He is a Masters Endurance Athlete and is currently prepping to compete in his 5th marathon this April in London. Since training for London Marathon, he has consistently participated in 1-2 CX WORX sessions of training and twice weekly 1-hour personal training sessions w/Jana. Due to this activity, combined with running, he is up to as many as six days a week (over 350 miles since January 1). He is now at his lowest body weight since he was just half of his current age. He says running has been a therapeutic process and fully believes in healing through activity. Tracy is an volunteer enthusiast and dedicates time as a mentor for the American Cancer Society. His determination has also led him to raise over $50,000 for The American Cancer Society. “I come to FitRec because of the convenience and quality of the facility. There are good vibes here and I’ve gotten to build strong connections.” 

Eric Leitz, Member Since 2016

March 2017 – Eric Lietz Eric is currently a student at Moraine Valley and has been a member at FitRec for over a year. He is currently studying for a degree in Criminal Justice and is looking to become a member of the Chicago Police Department. “FitRec is helping me achieve my goals everyday. The staff and gym atmosphere here is the best by far.”  

Gina Signore, Member Since Jan. 2014

February 2017 – Gina Signore Gina has been a member at FitRec for over a year and works as a sign language interpreter. She started utilizing personal training at FitRec last April when she got engaged. Since training with Jana Terborg, Gina has managed to lose over 50 pounds!

Tim Kuesel, Member Since Oct. 2015

January 2017 – Tim Kuesel Tim has been a member at FitRec for over a year. He has utilized the personal training program, training specifically with Mary Bina. Since training with Mary, Tim has managed to drop 32 pounds! Tim also lives with Parkinson’s Disease, and says daily exercise is the best remedy for symptoms suffered by PD patients. “I have managed to pop in to the FitRec for a nearly daily regimen of 30 minute cardio on the ellipticals at minimum. My trainer, Mary, has  tailored 1 hour workouts which stress my needed muscle groups. I often enjoy swimming downstairs and using the Jacuzzi and Steam Room as well!”  

Susan Hamre, Member Since April 2014

December 2016 – Susan Hamre Susan has been a member of FitRec for over  a year and takes advantage of the personal training packages offered. She has been a Special Educator all of her life, which keeps her in planes and traveling most of the time. With so much traveling came a lot of  hoisting heavy bags overhead on the planes. She works with personal trainer : Darrell Fischer twice weekly to increase strength and flexibility and says the functionality of his work has really paid off. “My experience at the Moraine Valley FitRec Center has been exemplary. FitRec is always clean, friendly and maintains the best of equipment.  I am also attracted to the fact that this gym actively welcomes people of all differing abilities. I do love this place!  Personal training ROCKS!”  

Left – Tony Heim, Member Since 2000 , Right – John Ilas, Member Since 1997

November 2016 – John Ilas and Tony Heim “I have been a member of the Moraine Valley Fitness Center for 19 years. I make use of the bikes, treadmills, and free weights. I also hope to get to the pool soon. I continue to workout at the Fitness Center to keep me out of nursing homes and wheelchairs. There are good people here. They notice when you’re gone and ask where you’ve been when you return.” – John Ilas “I’ve been using the Fitness Center at Moraine for 16 years. I get along with everyone here and I enjoy hearing their stories. I usually do some cardio and weight lifting while I’m here. I consider coming here my job and I’m working towards a better quality of life.” – Tony Heim


Steve Lovecky, Member since March 2014

October 2016 – Steve Lovecky Steve, has been utilizing FitRec since the grand opening in March 2014. His fitness goals are to get stronger and to heavily focus on weight lifting this semester. He is currently working towards a PhD in Exercise Physiology and says it’s something he’s very passionate about.  Here’s to you, future Dr. Steve! “I love coming to FitRec because of the staff and bonds I’ve gotten to form with them. Everything here is always clean and orderly, everyone works hard to make sure things are always put back where they need to be, which you don’t find happening a lot at other gyms. It’s a great environment to workout in.”   

Member Testimonials


Gail Hossin, Member since March 2014

“At the end of March 2014, I joined the health center. This was the first time I had set foot in any health center, let alone join one. Within a couple of days, I had taken a cycling class taught by Overtis. That initial class was a struggle. I had a weak core. Consequently, I started coming to the club at least five days a week to improve. I continued taking cycling classes and using the many machines to strengthen various sets of muscles. After two months, I do well in the now more advanced cycling classes and attend Ultimate Conditioning classes, as well. Incidentally, I ordered a dress online in my usual size and had to return it because I lost inches by working out.”