Moraine Valley may award college credit to students who have completed certain noncredit learning or training. Couse credit is available in the following areas:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Computer Information and Office Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Fire Service
  • Food Service Sanitation

How to Begin?

Interested students should meet with an academic advisor to determine their degree or certificate requirements.

  1. Contact the Academic Outreach Office to verify prior learning or training is accepted for course credit at Moraine Valley. Please note: A student must be currently enrolled and working toward a degree or certificate at Moraine Valley in order to receive credit.
  2. Complete a Proficiency Credit Form and submit copies of documented training (certifications, licenses, or test results) to the Academic Outreach Office. The designated faculty member or program coordinator will then complete an evaluation.
  3. If approved for college credit, the fee is $25 per course.

Proficiency Credit FAQ and Moraine Valley Prior Learning Policies

Prior Learning credit is available to students who are currently enrolled and pursuing a degree or certificate at Moraine Valley.  Please note: Prior Learning credit can only be used to fulfill requirements in a chosen degree or certificate.

Review is done by a faculty member or coordinator in the appropriate academic or career discipline. With satisfactory completion, the corresponding course credit will appear on your Moraine Valley transcript with the designation "P" (Pass) and the number of credit hours earned. Credit hours will not count toward grade point average (GPA).

Some degree and certificate programs may limit the number of degree requirements which can be fulfilled with Prior Learning Credit. Check with the department and your advisor for individual program requirements.

Students intending to transfer to another college or university should check with that institution regarding transfer credit policies. Credit may not be accepted as transfer credit by another college or university.

  1. Students must be currently enrolled and working toward a degree/certificate at Moraine Valley. Course credit must be used to fulfill degree/certificate requirements.
  2. Credit cannot be used to replace a previous grade earned in a course or to complete a course.
  3. All work assessed for prior learning must meet or exceed a grade of “C”. Minimum cut scores on standardized tests are set at a “C” grade level. 
  4. No letter grade is assigned, and these hours will not count toward a student’s grade point average (GPA).

For More Information:
If you have questions about Prior Learning, please contact the Academic Outreach Office at (708) 974-5710, or send us your question using the form below.


Submit your question or contact Academic Outreach Building L, Room L244, (708) 974-5710.