Enhance your Moraine Valley experience by engaging in our vibrant campus community. Learning continues outside of the classroom when you join a club or organization, connect with classmates and explore your world.

student life hosts numerous activities throughout the school year.

Relax in the Bob and Marge Bobb Student Life Center


The Center serves as the hub for student clubs and a space to relax with friends. Play a game, meet new people or grab something to eat between classes.

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Tambra Bullock

“Moraine Valley is very compatible with a lot of transfer schools, so it was easy to transfer. I went into Columbia as a junior and didn’t need to make up any classes. It was pretty convenient for me, plus I saved a lot of money. Moraine Valley is a great place to start, especially if you’re not academically or financially ready to go away. Actually, even if you are, it still is a great place to start because you’ll have access to a lot of opportunities as a freshman that most probably wouldn’t have until your junior year.”

Tambra Bullock
Calumet Park
Columbia College Student