Explore Exciting careers that don't require a college degree.

Graduate High School Job Ready

Moraine Valley is introducing a groundbreaking pilot program designed to introduce high school students to the world of manufacturing and production. We understand that not everyone is planning to attend college, but micro-credentials offer an accelerated path to good-paying jobs. That’s why we're offering this unique opportunity to kickstart your career right after high school.


Join classes that offer hands-on training, job shadowing, networking opportunities, and a general introduction to a career field that doesn't require a college degree. 


Free Tuition

Thanks to grant funding, your tuition, fees, and books will be completely covered for the approved courses. Select a 3 credit hour class from the approved offerings and earn micro-credentials that can help get your foot in the door of a trade. 


Get Paid to Learn

We don't want financial barriers to stand in your way. You can earn $100 per credit hour completed with C or higher. Successfully complete all 15 credit hours, and you could receive up to $1,500 for training completed by June 2024!

Available Micro-Credentials

Soft Skills


Forklift Training*

Electricity and Electronics

Mechanical Systems

Fluid Power

Industrial Blueprints

Office Productivity Tools


* must be 18 years or older to operate a forklift

Start Early = Earn More

Apply today for access to as much free training as possible. Enrolling early allows you access to the most classes and lets you collect the most micro-credentials.


Discover your potential without the burden of student loans or a lengthy degree program. The Manufacturing Careers Exploration Pilot is your gateway to a successful future.

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