Moraine Valley supports women considering careers in technology through its Women in Technology Mentoring Program. The program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The mentoring group allow students entering programs in technology to connect with experienced female students and professionals. These mentors can provide guidance, answer questions and share information about career opportunities. The unique relationship between students and professionals makes the transition from college into the work world smoother and less intimidating.

Program Membership

More than 50 women are active members of the college’s Women in Technology program. They have diverse backgrounds and represent all areas of the technology industry. View the program’s current membership listing below and feel free to contact a member for more information.

If you’re interested in participating in this program, please download the application. For more information, contact Women in Technology Program Coordinator Angela Spyropoulos at (708) 974-5602 ext. 2184

Women in Technology Mentor List

Contact any of the mentors below using the provided email address.

Carol Antosz
Hello, my name is Carol. I have my A.A.S. in Office Systems and Applications with concentrations in web design and desktop publishing from Moraine Valley and have my B.A. from Governors State University. I am certified in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. I work at Moraine Valley in Building B.
Florence Appel
Welcome! I am Flo, Professor of Computer Science at Saint Xavier University. I am one of the mentors of the Moraine Valley Women in Technology Mentoring Program. You can view more about me at Please feel free to e-mail me with any undergraduate or graduate questions in Computer Science you may have.
Michelle August
Welcome! I am Michelle August, Professor of Information Management Systems (IMS), as well as the Department Chair, at Moraine Valley Community College. The IMS department includes Computer Science (CSC), Office Systems and Applications (OSA), and Management Information Systems (MIS) which includes all programming, web development and design, and graphics. I also serve as the President of the Common Education Foundation and serve on the IBM Advisory Council (CAAC).
Kimberly Booda
Hello, my name is Kimberly Booda. I have a B.A., Computer Studies from Saint Xavier University in 2003. In 2012, I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I earned an A.A.S, IT Security Specialist from Moraine Valley Community College in 2013. I worked nineteen years at a hospital. A greater portion of this time, I served as the primary IT resource for the Homecare and Hospice clinical documentation and billing applications. I felt that I needed a change. Currently, I work at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center as an Application Analyst located in Chicago, IL. A significant amount of my job is analyzing, creating, modifying databases, and structured query language. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Lori Cesario-Farraj
wit_Cesario-Farraj Lori
Hi! I'm Lori. My career path guided me into the fascinating world of design more than 20 years ago. I've taught several classes at MVCC, including Parametric Design and 3D Modeling/Rendering. My BBA is from Loyola University and MBA from St. Xavier University. My experience ranges from Mechanical Designer to Analyst. As both teacher and working student, I am able to offer an extraordinary perspective regarding career and academic decisions.
Kristine Christensen
Hello, I'm Kristine, a full-time Information Management Systems instructor at Moraine Valley. I teach computer programming and web design.
Sharon Cipkar
Hello, my name is Sharon Cipkar. I am the Advertising Assistant in the Advertising Department of Darvin Furniture in Orland Park, Illinois. Our team of designers have much to offer someone new to the advertising, design and marketing fields. We are a small group who work with a national ad agency for tv spots, buyers, print, digital campaigns, photography, instore signage, reputation management and public relations. I am very excited to be a mentor to women who are now just getting started in advertising. If you have any related questions, feel free to reach me by email.
Nancy Collins
Greetings! My name is Nancy Collins. I am an instructor in Mechanical Drafting and Design/CAD at Moraine Valley. I teach blueprint reading. If you have any architectural questions please feel free to contact me.
Kelly Cox
Hello my name in Kelly Cox and I am an Engineer Tier III Specialist, Network System Assurance for Verizon Wireless. I am a former student of MVCC, who started down the path that led me to Network Engineering with a few classes at MVCC. These classes mapped to the following certifications: A+, N+ and CCNA. I went on to DeVry University where I received my B.A. in Technical Management. This profession requires you to continually sharpen your skills and learn new ones; which has had me return to take more classes at MVCC over the past few years. I look forward to supporting women in technology in any way I can. I leave you with my favorite quote "Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one's courage". Be Brave Ladies!!!
Karin Cygan
Hello! My name is Karin Cygan; I work for Quantum Crossings, LLC. I received my AutoCAD/Mechanical Design degree from Moraine Valley, which set a great foundation and provided a logical path for me to migrate into my current position as a Project Manager. After MVCC, I attended DePaul University for Project Managing, and then returned to MVCC Cisco Academy for my CCNA. I am currently enrolled in online classes at Fort Hays State University out of Kansas, working towards a degree in Technology Leadership. If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. Karin
Paula DeAnda-Shah
I am a developmental mathematics professor at Moraine Valley. I also serve as Coordinator of Moraine's virtual STEM Center and as the Faculty Advisor for Moraine's STEM Club. I am interested in connecting our students, faculty and the community through cross-disciplinary STEM activities. I organize STEM outreach events like our STEM Expo, where we are always looking to get more faculty, students and community partners involved. You can learn more about our STEM initiatives here:

I have a B.S. in Mathematics and Spanish (UIUC), a M.A. in Education and Mathematics (UW- Madison) and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (University of St. Francis).
China Dostal
Hello, my name is China. I am a Web Services Manager in the IT department here at Moraine Valley Community College. I have been at the college since 2011. In the IT department, I help manage the SharePoint MVConnect environment. Every spring at Moraine, I teach a class in the Information Management Systems department. The class is called Website Design: WordPress. In this course we learn about this powerful content management system called WordPress. Before coming to Moraine, I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and then worked for 8 years in software development and software testing at a startup telecom company. In 2008 I returned to school to get my Master of Information Science at Indiana University. I enjoy many aspects of website development, and I am especially interested in content management systems like WordPress.
Kristen Edling
Hi, my name is Kristen. I am a 2008 graduate of the LAN Department with degrees in PC & LAN Technology, Information Security, and Networking. I'm currently on contract to the CTA as a Server Engineer, after spending several years as a Field Technician for Desktop Support and the Wireless Mobile Tracking System. I've enjoyed being a member of the Women in Technology Program since 2005, as a little sister to now a corporate member and I look forward to helping others in their journey.
Fabie Ezife
My name is Fabie Ezife and I recently completed the Computer and Local Area Network Technician A.A.S. at Moraine Valley. I am now working on my Bachelor's in Information Technology at Governors State University. I had a research paper published in 2017 on configuring an effective and efficient DTN (delay tolerant network). Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions! Thank you!
Betty Fabiano
Greetings, I'm Betty Fabiano. I have a B.S. degree from Governors State University (1992). Since then I completed the Web Developer and e-commerce certificates from Moraine Valley. I have worked as a content editor at a travel agency modifying and designing additional websites. Please feel free to contact me with any ecommerce or web development related questions.
Allison Garza
Hi, my name is Allison Garza and I have been a member of the Women in Technology Program since 2010. I completed my Architectural CAD Certificate in 2011 and am currently finishing my last semester of the Mechanical Design Technology A.A.S. Degree and 3-D CAD Specialist Certificate. In the fall, I will be transferring to Purdue University to complete my B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I'm currently working as a civil, electrical, and subsurface utility engineering designer for HBK Engineering, LLC in Chicago.
Amy Gil
Hello, my name is Amy Gil. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Networking. I am passionate about computer technology and enjoy meeting new people with the same interests. I recently transitioned from a Help Desk level 2 position to a Cyber Security Analyst. In my new role, I monitor our network systems using IDS/IPS and Research for new threats. I would also like to learn more from others about the Cyber Security field. I am happy to help teach others about the Help Desk role and what to expect on the job. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
Kathy Halm
Hi, my name is Kathy Halm. I hold a Bachelor degree from Rockford College, and spent almost 40 years working for the federal government prior to retiring a few years ago. As a senior project management specialist my experience was with facilities management, space design, and telecommunications. I hold a certification as a Project Management Professional from PMI.
Pamela Haney
Dr. Pamela Haney is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Moraine Valley Community College. If you need any mentoring or assistance, feel free to connect with me.
Barbara Harrington
Hello, I am Barbara Harrington. I love the concept of this program. I am very excited to be a mentor to women who are now just getting started in the graphic design world of technology. I am the Advertising Director at Darvin Furniture in Orland Park, Illinois. Our team of designers have much to offer someone new to the advertising, design and marketing fields. We are a small group who work with a national ad agency for tv spots, buyers, print, digital campaigns, photography, instore signage, reputation management and public relations. If you have any related questions, you can reach me by email.
Angelia Johns
I have been a programmer/analyst/developer in telecommunications, retail, and academia. I have designed, developed, coded, implemented, and monitored financial, web-based, applications. I currently facilitate online MS Office 2013 applications courses at another junior college. As a Moraine Valley Community College student I focused on: Cisco Routing and Switching, Network Security and Virtualization. I obtained the I.T. Security Specialist, A.A.S. degree, in 2013. I have been confirmed as the first African-American woman to be conferred this degree at Moraine Valley Community College. I plan to work in the government sector.
Lorraine Krzywosz
Hello, my name is Lorraine Krzywosz and I have a passion for environmental work. After receiving a B.S. in Geology from Southern IL University, I began my career working in the solid and hazardous waste business as an environmental auditor. Working for a variety of companies and in consulting, I became proficient at compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. Currently, I am employed at Ecolab in Naperville and manage a part of their Safety, Health and Environment corporate audit program. Due to the Covid pandemic, we began using cutting edge augmented reality technology to perform audits remotely. I am very excited to be on the forefront of applying use of this technology to continue performing field audits. Also, I am an environmental educator for young school age children and work with a local non-profit organization to teach these students that they play a pivotal role in taking care of our planet. I am very excited to talk to students interested in a career path in the Safety, Health and Environmental field and those that are not afraid to wear a hard hat to perform their job.
Anita Kursell
Hello, my name is Anita Kursell. I received my Associate in Science from JJC and my Bachelors in Math from U of St. Francis. My Math Masters and Teaching Certification is from UIC. I have had several Information Technology positions such as IVR voice response and call center at Sears to web design at Argonne; as well as Unix at both Nec Technologies and AT&T. I presently teach math at local colleges and universities. Furthermore, I am currently taking CCNA courses at JJC.
Krystyna Kwak
Hello, my name is Krystyna Kwak. I've graduated from MVCC with my Associates degree in Mechanical Design & Drafting/CAD back in 2001. Then I transferred to University of Illinois at Chicago and received my Bachelors degree in Architecture followed by Masters in Construction Management from Illinois Institute of Technology. I presently teach Revit with Jeff Sliepka in the CAD department here at Moraine Valley and work for HVAC contractor as MEP Designer and BIM Coordinator. I'm very excited to be part of the Women in Technology Program. Feel free to contact me with any Revit, BIM or other related questions.
Sandra Lewikowski
Hello, my name is Sandra L. Lewikowski. I have a degree in Architecture and Design and I completed the Architectural CAD Certificate at MVCC. I have experience in residential architectural design and engineering design. I am currently working at Middough as an architectural designer.
Dr. Cinta Lorenzo-Martin
Hello, I am Dr. Cinta Lorenzo-Martin. I received my B.S. in Physics from the University of Seville (Spain). I earned a M.S. and Ph. D. in Solid State Physics - Material Science from the same University. I have conducted research and development work in the areas of materials engineering, lubrication and wear mechanisms for more than 10 years. I am currently a Principal Material Scientist in Tribology at Argonne National Laboratory.
Chris Matusek
My name is Chris Matusek. I am the Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Digital Art & Design AAS Degree and Digital Design Certificate programs at Moraine Valley. With 20 years of experience in the art and design industry I continue to work on collaborative projects with a variety of clients producing designs from conceptualization through delivery. In my personal art practice I utilize an interdisciplinary approach using the media that best suits the specific project. Some of the media I use on a regular basis are Adobe CC applications especially those related to graphic design, as well as Corel Painter, Procreate, and ceramics.
April Mittlestaedt
Hi, my name is April and I am the Manager of Supply Chain Engineering at TMC, a division of CH Robinson. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue and a MS in Computer Network Systems from Elmhurst College. I have held roles in the fields of engineering and technology for 20 years. I have experience in the telecom industry, product development systems & processes for manufacturing and supply chain management functions. I am very passionate in supporting women who are looking to enter into engineering, technology and supply chain roles and especially those looking to transition their career from an individual contributor to leadership. I have been married for 12 years and have 2 daughters (7 and 11) and fully understand the challenges and pressures of being a working mom. I would love to share my experience with you!
Dory Moeller
Greetings, I'm Dory. I completed the A.A.S. degree here at Moraine Valley. I transferred to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering technology. The past few years I was living in the Netherlands where I received my Master's degree in Sustainable Business and Innovation. Now that I am back in the Chicago area, I would like to reach out to the younger women and be a part of this great program again. I worked for four years at an automotive company as a packaging specialist and now I am looking to change my career direction towards sustainability.
Jacqueline Napier
Hello, my name is Jacqueline Napier. I own my own business, Napier Communications. We provide documentation and training services to form the bridge between the technical community and the end user. Our broad focus includes change management, system development, help desk, and end users. I am a six-time award winning technical communicator recognized by Training Magazine and the Society for Technical Communication. I look forward to learning from you as well as helping you in any way I can.
Jennifer O'Connor
I am president of 4D Artists, Inc, a 3D design visualization and animation firm in Lake County, IL, an adjunct instructor of 3ds Max, CAD and Architectural Illustration at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL and run the Chicago area 3ds Max user's group. I am the author of the book, "Mastering Mental Ray", and provide 3d training to companies and individuals around the country. I also have created for commercials.
Rola Othman
Hi, my name is Rola Othman. Currently, I am the Information Technology, Client Services director and an adjunct Instructor at SXU. I teach at the undergrad and grad level. We definitely need more females in the IT field and I would like to support current and future aspirants.
Susie Othman
Hi, my name is Susie Othman. I have been a member of the Women in Technology Program since 2009. I completed my Architectural CAD certificate and completed 3-D CAD classes. I am currently working as a civil, electrical, utility engineering designer at HBK Engineering, LLC.
Stephanie Owens
Hello. I am Stephanie, a new mentor to the program and one of Darvin's newest staff members. As the Advertising and Marketing assistant at Darvin Furniture, I am responsible for assisting in all facets of the marketing department.
Elaine Pepe
My name is Elaine Pepe. I started at Moraine Valley and got an Associates in Science. I transferred to UIUC where I got my BS in Mechanical Engineering. I returned to Moraine Valley to get my CAD Associates in Applied Science and 3-D CAD, Mechanical Design & Drafting and Architectural CAD Certificates.
Maria Power
I am an Engineering Manager working in downtown Chicago for TransUnion in the digital marketing industry. I have an M.S. in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and have worked in many areas of Computer Science. I have also taken a few classes at MVCC when I was preparing to return to the work force after being home with my children for 5 years. I feel it is very important to encourage women to pursue opportunities in technology and I support several STEM outreach activities.
Kelly Ruffolo
Hi, I'm Kelly. I have an A.A.S. degree from Moraine Valley and I currently work in the Engineering Department of Hansen Technologies Corporation as a senior mechanical draftsman/designer. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Remember, I am here to help you in any way I can.
Cheryl Sajewski
Hi, my name is Cheryl Sajewski. I am the Graphic Designer and Social Media/Website Coordinator at Darvin Furniture in Orland Park, Illinois. Our team of designers have much to offer someone new to the advertising, design and marketing fields. We are a small group who work with a national ad agency for tv spots, buyers, print, digital campaigns, photography, instore signage, reputation management and public relations. I am very excited to be a mentor to women who are now just getting started in the social media and website aspect of technology. If you have any related questions, please connect with me by email.
Tina Sawa
My name is Tina Sawa. I am a Secretary in the Computer Integrated Technology (CIT) Department at Moraine Valley Community College. I am currently working on a few grants in our department. My main focus is to collect and keep track of Grant information. I help keep the team on track and moving forward to meet all Grant requirements. I look forward to seeing our students take advantage of all of the technical advances that we are able to offer. I have worked at Moraine Valley Community College for a number of years and have held several different positions around campus. I have my Associates Degree from Joliet Junior College, but I came back to Moraine to update my skills. I earned the Administrative Assistant Certificate and the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate, as well as Data Entry. I started my career at Moraine as a Student Aide and as an intern for the school. In that position, I had the honor of being selected as the Intern of the Year. Currently, I am attending Governors State University to complete my bachelor's degree.
Margaret Semmer
Hi, my name is Margaret Semmer. I have been affiliated with the Women in Technology mentoring program at Moraine Valley Community College since 2007. Currently I am the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Ivy Tech Community College Northwest and North Central. Prior to Ivy Tech I worked as the Dean of Career and Technical Education at Joliet Junior College. At JJC I started a Girls Exploring Technology camp that exposed young women (middle school aged) to careers considered non-traditional for girls. I formerly held the position of Assistant Dean of Science, Business and Computer Technology at Moraine Valley Community College where I was integral in the start-up for the Center for Systems Security and Information Assurances. I completed my Doctorate in Education from Northern Illinois University in 2006. My dissertation is entitled: Women's Participation in Advanced and Emerging Technology Programs: Stories of Confidence and Determination. I am very committed to the advancement of women in STEM careers and hope I am assistance to you too.
Denise Ayaleanos Skiadopoulos
Hi, my name is Denise. I received my A.A.S. degree from Moraine Valley in 2002. I received the 3D CAD certificate as well as the Architectural CAD certificate from Moraine Valley. I am a mechanical designer at Argonne National Lab. I have my own mechanical design and drafting business and I also teach Autodesk Inventor at Moraine Valley.
Angela Spyropoulos
Welcome! My name is Angela. I am the Women in Technology (WIT) Program coordinator. I have been involved with this program since its inception in 2002. I have received the Desktop Publishing Certificate from Moraine Valley, as well as the Web Design and Development Certificate and the 3D Animation Certificate. I am an Autodesk Certified Professional in 3DS Max Design. I teach Computer Graphics, Web Design and Development, 3D Animation and Video. I recently worked together with CORD on a project in Gender Equity in Emerging Technologies, which was funded by the National Science Foundation. As Subject Matter Expert (SME), I assisted in developing a manual and online Web site that enables other high schools and colleges to create a successful Women in Technology program.
Katerzyna Truty
Katarzyna (Kathy) Truty is a Senior Engineering Technician at Focal Point Lights where she is part of cross-functional Existing Products Support Team (EPS). As an EPS team member, Kathy supports custom design team, manufacturing, purchasing and regulatory. Kathy graduated from Purdue University Northwest with B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2016. Before transferring and graduating from Purdue University Northwest, she attended Moraine Valley Community College where she completed Associate in Science Degree (A.S.) and Mechanical Design Technology AAS in addition to a number of certificates such as the Autodesk Inventor Specialist, 3-D CAD Specialist, and Architectural CAD Certificate. Before coming to Focal Point Lights, Kathy was a CAD Drafter/Engineer Assistant at Cozzini LLC, a small food equipment design and manufacturing company at Chicago, IL. For four years assisted and supported the Corporate Director of Product Development and Commercialization/ R&D in development of new product design and design of existing products.
Sharon M. Vetsch
Hello, my name is Sharon and I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I own my own business called The QuickBooks Queen. My business consists of doing bookkeeping for small to mid size businesses, QuickBooks training at businesses and teaching Quickbooks here at Moraine Valley Community College. I have been on Intuit's Advisory Council, am currently on their Trainer/Network Speaker's Bureau, just had my first article published by Intuit and co-hosted a live webinar on Quickbooks Enterprise. I received the Insightful Accountant QuickBooks "Top 100" award in 2014, 2015 and 2016. There currently are 500,000 QuickBooks Pro Advisors in the U.S. and I'm honored and humbled to have received this award again in 2020.
Jenny Villanueva-Ortiz
Hi, I'm Jenny. In May 2007, I graduated from Moraine Valley with my associates degree in Mechanical Design & Drafting/CAD. Then transferred to Purdue Calumet and received my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering of Technology in May 2009. I am currently working in Bensenville as a layout engineer. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions related to MVCC, Purdue or drafting in general.
Maria Vlamakis
Hello, I am Maria and a professor in Mechanical Drafting and Design/CAD. My background is in mechanical engineering and I have been a faculty member at Moraine Valley since 1991.
Kelly Walsh
Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Corporate Communications. After graduation I started recruiting for technology startups. I have done recruiting for Developers, Designers, Analysts, and Engineers. I loved working with technology startups but have more recently joined a Supply Chain company with a heavy emphasis on technology. Today, I am recruiting for Engineering specific roles. I love talking about technology and giving guidance to people currently seeking new opportunities!
B. Marie Webb
I am a true urban girl who has been running the track to technology for several miles. I have a B.A. in business administration and am A+ certified. I am transitioning from correctional healthcare where I worked for 8 years. Having completed the online Health Information Technology program at Moraine Valley, I am certified as a Health Care Technology Professional with the role of a Workflow Process and Redesign Specialist. This certification is designed to guide medical practices and facilities through the integration and meaningful use of technology into their healthcare systems. I am excited over stepping into free-standing healthcare facilities and participate in the implementation, utilization and redesign of their Electronic Medical Records systems.
Kimberlee Wilkens
Hello, my name is Kimberlee Wilkens; I currently teach and am the director of undergraduate studies at UIC, in Industrial Design. I own and operate a product development firm (5by5 design lab) and I am a member of the FitRec program. I have spoken at Leyden High School's Women in Technology discussion in 2017, as well as provided content to IDSA Women in Design Summits. I'd love to give back to our local college, and raise awareness to my field - especially for women!
Emily Zvolanek
I am a Senior GIS analyst in the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. I have a Bachelor's degree in environmental science with a minor in biology and a Master's degree in geographic information systems. Professional interests include cartography, python programming for GIS, geospatial analysis in environmental science and cultural resources, STEM outreach, and teaching people all about GIS, both formally and informally.
Maria Alamillo
Hello, my name is Maria Alamillo. I completed my A.S. in December 2017. I am currently enrolled at Moraine Valley working towards the A.A.S. IT Security Specialist. I plan to also get CCNA certified and continue my education at GSU.
Meena Anand
Hello, my name is Meena Anand. I have a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Aurora University. I returned back to school to Moraine Valley in 2014 to refresh my computer programming skills after being away from this field since 2001. I am currently a full time computer programmer for a logistics software development company using RPGLE and web design. I am pursuing the C# certification program and plan to complete the software developers certification program from Moraine Valley.
Kimberly Banuelos
Hello, my name is Kimberly Banuelos. I am currently seeking to obtain my degree in Management Information Systems, as well as a Microsoft Application Developer.
Barbara (Basia) Bhojraj
My name is Barbara Bhojraj. I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have both public and private sector work experience in the areas of education, management, and sales. While planning for career advancement and seeking additional training, I came across the Women in Tech Mentorship Program at Moraine Valley. This wonderful and encouraging group inspired me to explore my career possibilities in computer programming. Thus far, I have derived much satisfaction from the coding and database design coursework I've taken and look forward to earning a certificate in Java. I will continue stacking certificates towards Web Development or Software Development and earning certification while working until I can secure a position as a junior developer or intern, where I can continue to train and grow as a developer or programmer. I find joy in being creative, solving problems, learning new skills, and being part of a team where I can feel inspired.
Christina Boorazanes
My name is Christina Boorazanes and I have completed 2 certificates in 3D CAD and 3D Parametric Modeling at Moraine Valley. I have my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from The Illinois Institute of Art. I currently work for a food forming and depositing company where I am the tooling engineer. I enjoy working with AutoCAD and the Adobe product; and I also love to paint and be creative. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Amelia Brycelea
Hi. I am a new transfer student at Moraine Valley. I started my college education at the University of New Mexico in a Media Arts Program. Unfortunately, the program was not what I was looking for, so I entered the workforce in retail. Years later, I returned back to school to work on a Computer Science degree, in which I wanted to learn programming and software databases. Again, I found this wasn't quite my niche, but luckily, in my job working for Tesla, I became interested in engineering. I have been working with AutoCAD for a couple of years and enjoy it very much. During my time as a drafter for a facility planning company for cannabis manufacturing, I was turned on to cGMP facility designs. Now I plan to use my time at Moraine to hone on my skills and broaden my education.
Hanadi Bsul
Hello, my name is Hanadi Bsul. I have a 5 year Bachelor degree in Architecture from Jordan; I had gotten my degree accredited through NAAB back in 2008. I started the IDP program through NCARB to try to get my architect's license while I was working as an architectural designer at SSOE INC. I used AutoCAD as well as TriForma and MicroStation on several projects. After three years of working in the automotive and industrial department on various projects from automotive plants like BMW and VW, industrial like P&G, and healthcare like Abbott laboratories, I was unfortunately laid off at the end of 2009. After I was laid off I tried to find some kind of work in architecture, but it was hard so I became a stay at home mom. Now, I've decided to take Revit classes to try to get back into the work field. I would love to find an architectural drafting position using Revit once I am done with my second Revit class in May.
Kayla Cole
Hello, my name is Kayla and I am pursuing an Applied Associate of Science in Integrated Systems Technology which teaches electrical and mechanical theory and foundational knowledge on how to install, maintain, repair, calibrate, and troubleshoot industrial equipment. I have taken classes including but not limited to: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanical Systems, AutoCAD, Welding, Managing A+ and Industrial Controls. Certifications include: OSHA 10 General Industry and First Aid/CPR. With a degree in Integrated Systems Technology I can pursue a career in engineering technology. I enjoy the complexity of what I am doing. Current projects: synchronizing a robotic arm and various sensors using Scratch programming, conducting scientific experiments and technically revising Physics lab manual, creating electrical circuits using breadboards. There is a great need in the STEM field and countless opportunities to make a positive difference in the world. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if further information is needed.
Renee Dampier
Hi, my name is Renee Dampier. I am currently a student here at Moraine Valley Community College and I am pursuing the Graphics and Desktop Publishing Certificate.
Melanie Davenport
Hello, I'm Melanie. I am pursuing the Computer Graphics Imagery AAS here at Moraine Valley Community College. I anticipate to graduate this year.
Vivian De La Cruz
Hi, my name is Vivian. I am currently a full-time Mechanical Engineering student. I am looking to get an internship and get more hands-on experience. I am hoping to graduate from Moraine Valley in Spring 2021 and continue my education at UIC.
Gabriela DiFilippo
Hello, my name is Gabriela. I am a student here at Moraine Valley and I am pursuing the Office Systems and Applications AAS. I have a BS in Computer Science, and I am certified in SAP System in a Logistics Module MM. I have twenty years of experience in oil, food, and beer companies as a process engineer consultant. At this moment I am studying ESL at Moraine Valley and I am working in a Logistic Company programming a TMS system in RPG and HTML. I appreciate this opportunity to belong to this group, so rich in acknowledge; please contact me if you need any support.
Melody Dooley
My name is Melody Dooley. I am a student at Moraine Valley currently in MIS 105 Programming Principles and OSA 125 Website Design & Development. I am creative and I like to "think outside the box." I am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and I am one class away from obtaining the Web Design Assistant Certificate.
Angela Ehrlicher
My name is Angela Ehrlicher. I am a student in the CGI department at Moraine Valley. I have taken Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator classes, as well as 3DS Max classes. I am currently enrolled in a video integration class which uses Adobe After Effects. I am pursuing the AAS in Computer Graphics Imagery. I have a twin sister Natasha who is also taking CGI classes with me.
Natasha Ehrlicher
Hello, my name is Natasha Ehrlicher. I am a student in the CGI department at Moraine Valley. I have taken Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator classes, as well as 3DS Max classes. I am currently enrolled in the Adobe After Effects video integration class with my twin sister Angela.
Melanie Eloiza
My name is Melanie Eloiza. I am currently attending Moraine Valley in the IT Security Specialist program. Being able to be a part of the Women in Technology mentoring program has provided me with insight about the field, as well as encouragement to pursue a heavily male-dominated study.
Brenda Escobedo
Hello, I'm Brenda Escobedo and I am interested in Engineering. I am currently pursuing my Associate in General Studies at Moraine Valley Community College.
Jo Fela
Hello, my name is Jo; I am currently taking LAN 122. I am at MVCC as part of the WIOA program. I like fixing things, repairing, re-purposing, recycling and saving money!!! I work at a DIY retailer/hardware store. I like taking care of things like electronics, so they last long, even if they are older (or obsolete). My mom and grandpa were good at repairs and DIY. I am new to IT. I hope to possibly work in Help Desk, where I can use my customer service skills. I have trained newcomers to PC's; how to look for work using computers. I am open to anything IT.
Angelina Garcia
Hello, my name is Angelina. I am first generation and the first child of my parents to attend college. My interest in technology started my junior year in high school; I found myself wanting to build my skills in technology, seeing how technology is a fast growing field. Movies and books build my interest in IT Security. I have no prior practice or exposure. I am pursuing the IT Security Specialist degree.
Liz Gomez
Hi, I'm Liz and I am a student at Moraine Valley. I am really excited to be back in school after being out for the last 5 years working as a medical social worker. I hope to learn as much as I can in computer and information technology.
Genae Grabowski
Hello! My name is Genae Grabowski and I am a Digital Art & Design student at Moraine Valley Community College. I am currently working on getting my Digital Art & Design Associates degree here then transfer to Saint Xavier University for my bachelors is Graphic Design. I am in the process of being hired as a Graphic Designer for National Van Lines in Broadview Illinois. I consider myself a Mixed Media designer and work with all sorts of art and design mediums.
Massara Haseeb
Hello, I'm Massara. I am a second semester student at Moraine Valley. I am pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree and I plan to transfer to IIT. I want to pursue a career in roller coaster design. I really enjoy meeting people, experiencing new opportunities and learning new things.
Sheri Kelly, CAP, MOSM
Hello, my name is Sheri Kelly! I am pursuing the Database Administration Skills, Microsoft Office, and Administrative Assistant Certificates at MVCC. I earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana with two of the semesters in Madrid, Spain studying Spanish. I hold the MOSM (Microsoft Office Specialist Master) and CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) certifications, and am a member of IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals). In 2019, I received the Office Professional of the Year Award. On the job, I write VBA code in the VB Editor of Microsoft Word, create queries (linking data tables and writing SQL code) within our ERP system, support our Microsoft Access database, reference engineering drawings to estimate material costs, and prepare technical, operation and manuals for industrial lifting equipment.
Sophie Kesek
Hi! My name is Sophie Kesek. I am currently taking LAN classes at Moraine Valley pursuing a degree as an IT Security Specialist.
Kait Kolodziejski
Hello, my name is Kait. I began my enrollment at Moraine Valley in 2013, in the radiology program. One dead body later, and with an entire year of medical classes under my belt, I met Maria Vlamakis; and in 2014, I began my Mechanical Design/Drafting A.A.S. I've been a Phi Theta Kappa since enrolling and I am due to graduate in May, 2017. From there, I'll begin my Bachelors at Purdue-Calumet. My plan is to stick around Moraine Valley long enough to finish my desired certificates; which include 3D CAD, 3D Parametric Drawing, and the Architectural CAD certificate.
Ruth Koziol
My name is Ruth. I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Insurance Underwriter, Professional Baker and Photographer. I have an Associate in Science and a Bachelor's in International Business and Marketing with emphasis in French. I am a life member in the American Association of University Women.
Taylor Krzos
Hi, I'm Taylor Krzos. I am currently pursuing an Associate Degree for IT Security Specialist. I have competed in the National Cyber League Competition, which gave me great experience in security. I originally wanted to be a Disney animator, but saw a greater future in computers/technology. Moraine is a wonderful place and I look forward to continuing my education here!
Shana Lawson
Hello, My name is Shana. I am interested in pursuing the Network Security Specialist Certificate program at Moraine Valley. After attending my first Women in Technology Mentoring Program dinner/meeting; it has totally changed my game plan and I needed more guidance than I realized. I cannot thank the mentors enough for the information I received that night at the dinner/meeting. It was nice to feel like there is a support system for me.
Adrienne Lewandowski
Hi, my name is Adrienne Lewandowski. I am a returning student new to the technology program. I have been taking Networking classes, working toward an associate degree in Computer and Local Area Network or Cloud Networking and Virtualization Specialist.
Melissa Lyons
Hi, I am Melissa. I received my BA in Film Studies from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. I've worked in non profit arts education for 6 years. I am focusing on completing the IT Security program.
Desiree Madrigal
Hello, I'm Desiree. I've loved computers since the day I bought my first one in 1999. It was with Windows 95. I then became interested in how to pull them apart and put them back together, adding memory, fans, heat sinks, new programs, etc. While going to school for networking, I still fixed computers and learned web design. I helped maintain a few sites back then and produced a couple of my own. In 2006, I ended up landing a job in computer consulting where we would maintain business networks, set up new networks, fix servers and client computers, add programs, maintain the hardware, etc. I'm an addict of computers, but now I've realized that I enjoy web design, coding, the whole nine yards.
Kelly Mager
My name is Kelly. I am a part time student working on an AS and MIS certificates. I work full time for a foundation of a hospital in the south suburbs as an administrative assistant , but I am moving into working on and maintaining the website.
Kirsten Miller
Hi! My name is Kirsten Miller, I graduated SXU with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Studies in 2016 and currently work in web development.
Sahar Mohammad
My name is Sahar. I am currently taking courses towards Desktop Publishing and Graphics, as well as the Office Systems and Applications AAS.
Maria Moncada-Garza
My name is Maria Moncada-Garza. I am currently taking LAN classes at Moraine Valley specializing in Cyber Security. I am pursing degrees as an IT Security Specialist, Cisco Network Associate & Professional, Computer Technician, LAN Technician, as well as a Network Security Specialist.
Salam Mulhem
My name is Salam Mulhem. I am a member of the Engineering Pathways, Honors College. I am also the STEM Club President and Phi Theta Kappa VP. I received the Sylvia M. Jenkins Women in Leadership Award at MVCC and was the Women's Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker. Additionally, I am a NASA Aerospace Scholar, Summer 2018; as well as mentor Fall 2018, and currently a NASA L'SPACE student. I plan on pursuing Aerospace Engineering at UIUC in the Fall of 2019. Presently, I work on campus at Student Life as a student leader. I am in search of interships/research and willing to mentor, even after graduating from MVCC!
Esmahan Muthana
My name is Esmahan Muthana. This is my first year at MVCC after graduating from high school. I took a couple classes here before graduating from high school. My major is Architectural and Civil Engineering. I am planning to transfer to IIT for a four year degree. Currently, I am taking classes to get the Architectural CAD certificate, and I'm thinking of getting more certificates. I did an internship at a manufacturing company, Pioneer Service Inc., for five months.
Halima Muthana
Hello, my name is Halima. I am glad to finally be back in school after being out for four years. I recently completed the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree at Moraine Valley, and I will be transferring to a four-year university to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. I also plan to complement my Bachelor with a minor in Computer Science.
Bridget Nee
Hello, my name is Bridget Nee. I am a former student of Moraine Valley. I have my A.A.S. in IT Security Specialist and my A.S. I am presently in my last semester at Governors State University for my B.S. in Information Technology. I currently hold A+ and Security + certifications. I am a published researcher and currently looking for a job in IT. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Nicoletta Nowinski
Hi, my name is Nicoletta Nowinski. I am a new student at Moraine Valley. I am currently pursuing the AutoCAD specialist certificate. When I was looking for information about what to do next, I found out about this program. I think this is a wonderful idea and I surely could use some help. The next thing I plan to do is pursue more certificates and learn about Inventor and Revit too.
Sharon Ovando-Gomez
My name is Sharon; I am an honors student at Moraine Valley studying Computer Science. I have experience with HTML, CSS, and C++. I have also volunteered and interned at the Adler Planetarium for two years.
Claudia Parker
Claudia Parker is an author, journalist, photographer, and videographer. She owns and operates Claudia Parker Portraits, which specializes in corporate headshots, corporate events and conferences, as well as video marketing and faith based documentaries. Claudia has a BA in management from Benedictine University and an MBA from St. Xavier University. She is currently taking advanced editing classes at Moraine Valley to maintain a creative edge in her business.
Nahomi Pinto
My name is Nahomi Pinto. This is my first year at Moraine Valley. I have a two year old daughter. I am pursuing the Computer and Local Area Network Technician AAS; then I plan to come back to complete the IT Security Specialist degree, including many certifications.
Sherry Rodriguez
Hello, my name is Sherry. I am a student here at Moraine Valley. I am pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Information technology at GSU in the transfer degree program offered at MVCC.
Amy Roush
Hello, my name is Amy. I am a student here at Moraine Valley. I am pursuing the Computer Animation Certificate.
Jen Schissler
Hello, my name is Jen Schissler. I have a Bachelor's degree in Administrative Information Systems from Eastern Illinois University. After college I had jobs in many areas of IT: help desk, training, technical documentation, and software quality assurance. I also received a Certified Quality Analyst certification. Five years out of college, I decided to stay home for fifteen years raising my kids. After about ten of those years, I went to Moraine and received certificates in Medical Billing and Medical Coding. I then took and passed the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician exam. I currently work at the Grundy County Health Department as a Finance Associate and am taking a SQL Server class as part of the Data Administration Skills Certificate. I hope to someday work in a hospital or healthcare software company using my database skills.
Jennifer Shapiro
My name is Jennifer Shapiro, but most people call me Jenny! I am currently attending Moraine Valley in hopes of obtaining my associate degree in Management Information Systems – now known as Computer Information Systems. Along with that, I hope to become certified in the following areas: web development, web design, and data entry. I feel this field allows us to constantly learn something new, as technology is always changing. That is what constantly sparks my interest! Technology has always been something I’ve been passionate in, so I am excited to be a part of something so wonderful and inspiring for women in technology!
Meghan Sheridan
Hi, my name is Meghan Sheridan and this is my first semester at Moraine Valley Community College. I am currently enrolled in the Office Systems and Applications AAS program. I am very excited to be back in school after being out for the last 4 years while I was a hair stylist. I hope to become an administrative assistant and one day I hope to possibly complete my Bachelor's degree.
Liz Simon
Hello, I'm Liz. I have been in school for about 4-5 years. I have my certificate in Computer Animation and an Associate of Liberal Arts from Moraine Valley Community College. I plan on going into graphic design and web design/development. Right now I am working on a certificate in web design/development. I am trying to find a bachelor's degree program and possibly a master's degree. I would like to teach graphic design or at least something in art. Currently, I am out of a job and looking for one in these fields. This program is an excellent way to meet women in the industry, receive guidance and get answers to any questions on career opportunities.
Pam Sisto
Hello, my name is Pam. I am currently a student at MVCC trying to "break-in" to IT Security. I am presently taking IT Security classes pursuing the IT Security Specialist degree. In my past life I owned a restaurant, sold real estate and worked for major law firms as an administrative secretary.
Laura Slonskis
My name is Laura Slonskis. I have a BS in Graphic Design from Saint Xavier University. Most of my career has been at the Beverly Arts Center as their Graphic Designer (since 2005). I have done several freelance projects for a variety of clients and businesses and hope to move into freelance exclusively. I have 3 boys and most of my focus and motivation stems from family and being a mother.
Jacqueline Smith
I am Jacqueline! I am pursuing the A+ Certification here at Moraine Valley Community College. I am also interested in pursuing a career in the Help Desk field.
Jen Smith wit_SmithJen
Hi, my name is Jen. I graduated from Moraine Valley in Spring 2017 with my Mechanical Design & Drafting AAS, as well as the Autodesk Inventor Specialist Certificate, AutoCAD Specialist Certificate, and Mechanical Drafting Associate Certificate. I am going to graduate with my Mechatronics Technology AAS in the Fall of 2017. I have been a member of Phi Theta Kappa since 2014; I really enjoy 3D printing and robotics. Feel free to reach me via email or text me anytime!
Michaele Strauch
Hello, I am Michaele Strauch. I am currently taking graphic design courses in the OSA department at Moraine Valley Community College.
Lauryn Thomas
My name is Lauryn and I am a first year who wants to be an animator. I found out about this program through my career planning class and emails; mostly I'm absorbing as much information as possible in order to plan my next four years. I know hardly anything about tech and art, but I'm willing to try. I'm trying to be as proactive as possible, so everything can be smoother later on.
Vanessa Villarruel
Hello, my name is Vanessa. I will be graduating Spring 2017 with an AAS in CGI and returning in the summer for one science course to complete the AGS. I currently am a graphic design intern at the Royal Group with a full time position offer upon graduation. I'm still unsure, because I want to transfer and pursue a Bachelors in Graphic Design.
Stella Ward
Hello, I'm Stella. I have been a student at MVCC since 2010. I studied medical assisting and phlebotomy and currently work as a medical assistant. I've decided to make a career switch; cybersecurity has always been an interest and I'm currently enrolled in IT Security. I've learned so much so far and I'm eager to learn more. The curriculum at MVCC prepares students with the skills needed to work in the real world and I'm confident that I will be prepared for my first IT Security position.