Moraine Valley supports women considering careers in technology through its Women in Technology Mentoring Program. The program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The mentoring group allow students entering programs in technology to connect with experienced female students and professionals. These mentors can provide guidance, answer questions and share information about career opportunities. The unique relationship between students and professionals makes the transition from college into the work world smoother and less intimidating.

Program Membership

More than 50 women are active members of the college’s Women in Technology program. They have diverse backgrounds and represent all areas of the technology industry. View the program’s current membership listing below and feel free to contact a member for more information.

If you’re interested in participating in this program, please download the application. For more information, contact Women in Technology Program Coordinator Angela Spyropoulos at (708) 974-5602 ext. 2184

Women in Technology Mentor List

Contact any of the mentors below using the provided email address.

Carol Antosz
Hello, my name is Carol. I have my A.A.S. in Office Systems and Applications with concentrations in web design and desktop publishing from Moraine Valley and have my B.A. from Governors State University. I am certified in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. I work at Moraine Valley in Building B.
Florence Appel
Welcome! I am Flo, Professor of Computer Science at Saint Xavier University. I am one of the mentors of the Moraine Valley Women in Technology Mentoring Program. You can view more about me at Please feel free to e-mail me with any undergraduate or graduate questions in Computer Science you may have.
Michelle August
Welcome! I am Michelle August, Professor of Information Management Systems (IMS), as well as the Department Chair, at Moraine Valley Community College. The IMS department includes Computer Science (CSC), Office Systems and Applications (OSA), and Management Information Systems (MIS) which includes all programming, web development and design, and graphics. I also serve as the Executive Director of the Common Education Foundation and serve on the IBM Advisory Council (CAAC).
Melissa Bailey
Hello, I am Melissa. I have been in the software industry since 1996. My focus has primarily been on implementations, training, and support for companies that develop their own proprietary software. I have also done some programming and report writing, and am very strong in SQL. I have traveled for some of my positions, both nationally and internationally. I currently hold a technical support engineer position for a company that developed a software package used by pharmaceutical companies to track and answer questions regarding medications and medical equipment. I am the lead support rep for Pfizer, one of the most well known pharma companies out there. I truly enjoy implementations, as I love the process of learning a client's business and operations and then configuring a package to meet those needs. I also enjoy the troubleshooting aspect of support, as it allows me to get into the guts of a package to figure out the pieces to a puzzle.
Bridgette Beazley
Hello, my name is Bridgette. I really enjoyed the Women and Technology meeting. It made me very excited to continue on in the Animation Program here at Moraine Valley.
Kelly Blizzard
My name is Kelly. I graduated from Moraine Valley with an A.A.S., IT Security Specialist in May 2013. I am Network+ certified and also have a degree in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois-Urbana. Currently, I am the Director of Business Analysis at Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. This position is the beginning of my new career in the technology industry. After working for 12 years in Municipal Finance and 8 years in Commercial Real Estate, I wanted a change, and chose Moraine to help me start over. While a student in the IT Security Specialist program, I was selected as one of 27 students in the nation for an internship position as part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary's Honors Program (SHP) Cyber Internship Initiative to gain experience at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) forensics lab. It was a great experience and a perfect stepping stone to my current position. For more details about my professional life, visit my LinkedIn page by clicking my name.
Amy Bonsignore
Hello, my name is Amy and I teach in the LAN department here at Moraine Valley. I have 10 years experience in the IT field, including managing network operating systems. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me by email.
Kimberly Booda
Hello, my name is Kimberly Booda. I have a B.A., Computer Studies from Saint Xavier University in 2003. In 2012, I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I earned an A.A.S, IT Security Specialist from Moraine Valley Community College in 2013. I worked nineteen years at a hospital. A greater portion of this time, I served as the primary IT resource for the Homecare and Hospice clinical documentation and billing applications. I felt that I needed a change. Currently, I work at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center as an Application Analyst located in Chicago, IL. A significant amount of my job is analyzing, creating, modifying databases, and structured query language. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Savitri Boodoosingh
Hello, my name is Savitri. I am a math instructor here at Moraine Valley Community College. Besides teaching math, I also have a strong IT industry experience and background, which includes database development and systems integrations.
Lori Cesario-Farraj
wit_Cesario-Farraj Lori
Hi! I'm Lori. My career path guided me into the fascinating world of design more than 15 years ago. I have taught several classes at Moraine Valley, including Parametric Design, and 3D Modeling and Rendering. I earned a B.B.A. from Loyola University and an M.B.A. from Saint Xavier University. Currently, I work with a major government research facility as a Data Management Specialist. My experiences as both teacher and working student enable me to offer an extraordinary perspective regarding career and academic decisions.
Joanne Chouinard
Hi! Everyone calls me Jo. I have completed the A.A.S. curriculum in Computer graphics and am near completion of the 3d Animation Certificate here at Moraine Valley. I teach 2d and 3d design fundamentals to traditional media artists including glass fusers, silk painters, and watercolorists who
wish to expand their design capabilities with Adobe Creative Suite, Max and Motion. Computer graphics is a fabulous way to combine my interests in art with my science and health professions background. I am currently a pre-release beta tester for Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Kristine Christensen
Hello, I'm Kristine, a full-time Information Management Systems instructor at Moraine Valley. I teach computer programming and web design.
Nancy Collins
Greetings! My name is Nancy Collins. I am an instructor in Mechanical Drafting and Design/CAD at Moraine Valley. I teach blueprint reading. If you have any architectural questions please feel free to contact me.
Karin Cygan
Hello! My name is Karin Cygan and currently I am a Project Manager for Red Hawk Fire & Security. I received my AutoCAD/Mechanical Design degree from Moraine Valley which set a great foundation and provided a path for me to migrate into my current position of Project Managing and Operations. I recently received my CCENT & CCNA from the Cisco Academy at Moraine Valley.
Stacy Deluca wit_DelucaStacy
Hello, my name is Stacy. I pursued a 2 year degree in Graphic Design at Moraine Valley. I also work as a lab aid in the Fine and Performing Arts Center for Moraine Valley.
Kristen Edling
Hi, my name is Kristen. I am back in school after 15 years. I have decided I am going to pursue a degree in IT since all of the classes I've taken are very interesting in this field. I shied away from computers for a long time, but being back at Moraine Valley has made me confident in this exciting field. I am going for the Networking CCNA Certificate. I also work at Moraine Valley as a lab aide in the IT/LAN department. I got this job through the Internship program at Moraine Valley.
Betty Fabiano
Greetings, I'm Betty Fabiano. I have a B.S. degree from Governors State University (1992). Since then I completed the Web Developer and e-commerce certificates from Moraine Valley. I have worked as a content editor at a travel agency modifying and designing additional websites. Please feel free to contact me with any ecommerce or web development related questions.
Mary A. Garcia
I am a Military Veteran with several years in two different branches of the service, US Army, 4166th US Army School and US Air Force, 928th Security Police. My first teaching experience was at Francis Parker H.S. I then went on to teach a variety of Computer Courses for De Paul University,
Northwestern University, DeVry University and the US Military. My teaching style is to create a learning environment that is pleasant, positive and enjoyable. I have developed a variety of volunteer projects for students to gain hands on experience. I currently teach A+, Net+ and Cisco Networking classes at DeVry University.
Allison Garza
Hi, my name is Allison Garza and I have been a member of the Women in Technology Program since 2010. I completed my Architectural CAD Certificate in 2011 and am currently finishing my last semester of the Mechanical Design Technology A.A.S. Degree and 3-D CAD Specialist Certificate. In the fall, I will be transferring to Purdue University to complete my B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I'm currently working as a civil, electrical, and subsurface utility engineering designer for HBK Engineering, LLC in Chicago.
Celia Gonzalez
I'm a graduate of Moraine Valley and 2007 graduate of SXU. Since that time, I've returned to Moraine and have received certification in various Microsoft Office applications. I'm presently taking two LAN courses, and testing the waters there.
Pamela Haney
Dr. Pamela Haney is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Moraine Valley Community College. If you need any mentoring or assistance.
Beth Hawthorne
I am a senior professor of computer science at Union County College in Cranford, NJ with several publications on cybersecurity education. I recently had been approached by the ACM's Women's council to head up their community college initiatives. I have worked with Flo Appel intensively on the upcoming ACM curriculum guidelines (the Social &
Professional Knowledge Area, specifically) and I am committed in attracting more women into the technology field. I am one of the newest mentors of the Moraine Valley Women in Technology Mentoring Program.
Sharon Hoffman
Hello, I'm Sharon. I am a returning student pursuing the Management Information Systems AAS. I am also taking courses here at Moraine Valley Community College to become a Database Administrator.
Karen Hoogland
My name is Karen Hoogland. I earned certificates in Website Design and Desktop Publishing & Graphics here at Moraine Valley College. I have owned my company, KZH Design, since 1997. My company provides desktop publishing, graphic design, computer tutoring and virtual assistance to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. I credit my experiences here at Moraine, in particular the mentorship I have received from many instructors, for helping me turn my volunteer work into a successful business.
Angelia Johns
I have been a programmer/analyst/developer in telecommunications, retail, and academia. I have designed, developed, coded, implemented, and monitored financial, web-based, applications. I currently facilitate online MS Office 2013 applications courses at another junior college. As a Moraine Valley Community College student I focused on: Cisco Routing and Switching, Network Security and Virtualization. I obtained the I.T. Security Specialist, A.A.S. degree, in 2013. I have been confirmed as the first African-American woman to be conferred this degree at Moraine Valley Community College. I plan to work in the government sector.
Marissa Langlais
Hello. I am Marissa, a new mentor to the program. My background is in computer networking and programming. I am so happy to know that a program like this exists. It's always such a pleasure to encounter other women in the field, and I'm deeply flattered to be offered a chance to help foster the interests of young technology professionals. Please feel free to contact me.
Donna Lauritzen
Hello. I'm Donna, an adjunct instructor at Moraine Valley teaching in the IMS/OSA department. I feel right at home here at Moraine Valley. The students and staff are very nice and very helpful. I am more than happy to provide support for a new student with regard to general academic information. Let me know if you have any questions on Moraine Valley itself.
Sandra Lewikowski
Hello, my name is Sandra L. Lewikowski. I have a degree in Architecture and Design and I completed the Architectural CAD Certificate at MVCC. I have experience in residential architectural design and engineering design. I am currently working at Middough as an architectural designer.
Christina Martinez
Hello, my name is Christina Martinez, I am currently a Career Advisor at Westwood College. I provide career services for students in various fields including Information Technology. Prior to my current role, I worked in the Computer Integrated Technologies Department at Moraine Valley Community College. For two years, I was part of the TAACCCT/Department of Labor Grant Student Success Team as the Employment Engagement Specialist. This team was dedicated to providing a variety of career services to information technology students at Moraine Valley. I have over fifteen years of experience in the business sector, I have a wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, management, career services and employer relations. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Feel free to contact me with any related questions at: Technology, I have been coined the "go to person" when it comes to getting jobs in this field. I critique resumes, serve as a liaison between student and employer, and above all, I help change lives every day.
Anne Marvak
My name is Anne. I completed my A.A. degree from Moraine Valley, a B.S. in Industrial Technology from NIU, a M.S. in Industrial Management/Safety from NIU and a certificate in 3D CAD from Moraine Valley. Currently, I own Kinetic Design, Inc. a Mechanical Engineering Corporation.
Chris Matusek
My name is Chris Matusek. I am an adjunct instructor in the Digital Art/Design program at Moraine Valley. I work in the design industry as a freelance graphic artist. I also work as a fine artist in the areas of digital, ceramics, and installation. You can see more of my work at I have experience in: Adobe Creative Suite including Bridge, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects and a bit of Premiere; Corel Painter; Apple iLife, and some audio editing.
Natalie McCoy
Hello, I'm Natalie. I am pursuing the Web Development/Designer, Software Developer and Mobile App Certificates here at Moraine Valley Community College.
Jacqueline Napier
Hello, my name is Jacqueline Napier. I own my own business, Napier Communications. We provide documentation and training services to form the bridge between the technical community and the end user. Our broad focus includes change management, system development, help desk, and end users. I am a six-time award winning technical communicator recognized by Training Magazine and the Society for Technical Communication. I look forward to learning from you as well as helping you in any way I can.
Tanya Nash
Greetings, I'm Tanya. I'm a business analyst consultant for small business entrepreneurs and start up projects with experience in facilities maintenance, asset protection and preservation and customer contact centers. I work as a Data Analyst for Aramark currently and I am working towards the Software Programmer certificate and Database Associate certificate here at Moraine Valley. I also have some web-design experience under my belt. Please feel free to contact me with any questions as well as advice on my career change.
Jennifer O'Connor
I am president of 4D Artists, Inc, a 3D design visualization and animation firm in Lake County, IL, an adjunct instructor of 3ds Max, CAD and Architectural Illustration at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL and run the Chicago area 3ds Max user's group. I am the author of the book, "Mastering Mental Ray", and provide 3d training to companies and individuals around the country. I also have created for commercials.
Susie Othman
Hi, my name is Susie Othman. I have been a member of the Women in Technology Program since 2009. I completed my Architectural CAD certificate and completed 3-D CAD classes. I am currently working as a civil, electrical, utility engineering designer at HBK Engineering, LLC.
Elaine Pepe
My name is Elaine Pepe. I started at Moraine Valley and got an Associates in Science. I transferred to UIUC where Igot my BS in Mechanical Engineering. I returned to Moraine Valley to get my CAD Associates in Applied Science and 3-D CAD, Mechanical Design & Drafting and Architectural CAD Certificates. I am the CAD Operator for Red Hawk Fire & Security in Burr Ridge.
Liubov Petersen
Hello, my name is Liubov. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked in the past as a Mechanical Design Engineer for Telecommunication and Film Industries. I graduated from Moraine Valley with a 3D Certificate in December, 2008. Currently, I am a CAD Operator with Advanced Fire and Security Systems, Inc.
Maria Power
I have a M.S. Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and work at Argonne in the Physics Division as a Control Systems engineer on the ATLAS Accelerator. I have also taken a few classes at MVCC when I was preparing to return to the work force after being home with my children for 5 years. I am involved in organizing STEM outreach at Argonne and feel it is very important to encourage women to pursue opportunities in technology.
Angela Robinson
Hi, my name is Angela. I am very excited to be a mentor to women who are now just getting started in the technology field. I have more than 14 years of experience in IT ranging from PC technician, network administrator to managing help centers. I am a technical instructor at ITT Technical Institute. My main focus of instruction deals with operating systems, network systems management and design, in addition to project management.
Kelly Ruffolo
Hi, I'm Kelly. I have an A.A.S. degree from Moraine Valley and I currently work in the Engineering Department of Hansen Technologies Corporation as a senior mechanical draftsman/designer. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Remember, I am here to help you in any way I can.
Lori Sanders
Hello, my name is Lori Sanders. I am Director of IT Project Management at Moraine Valley Community College. I have a Bachelors in Networking, Masters in Info Security and a Masters in Project Management; basically an IT geek who happens to love the organizational essence of project management. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mentor who helped me streamline my career, while giving tips along the way that made all the difference. The best way to pay it forward is to do the same for someone else. Please feel free to reach out if you would like coaching in any of the following: help with career confidence, streamlining or advancement, Project Management concepts and tips to move projects forward, surviving a career change.
Tina Sawa
My name is Tina Sawa. I am a Secretary in the Computer Integrated Technology (CIT) Department at Moraine Valley Community College. I am currently working on a few grants in our department. My main focus is to collect and keep track of Grant information. I help keep the team on track and moving forward to meet all Grant requirements. I look forward to seeing our students take advantage of all of the technical advances that we are able to offer. I have worked at Moraine Valley Community College for a number of years and have held several different positions around campus. I have my Associates Degree from Joliet Junior College, but I came back to Moraine to update my skills. I earned the Administrative Assistant Certificate and the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate, as well as Data Entry. I started my career at Moraine as a Student Aide and as an intern for the school. In that position, I had the honor of being selected as the Intern of the Year. Currently, I am attending Governors State University to complete my bachelor's degree.
Kelley Scott
Hi, my name is Kelley Scott. I am pursuing a CAD certificate from Moraine Valley and a proud member of the Women in Technology Program.
Margaret Semmer
Hi, my name is Margaret Semmer. I have been affiliated with the Women in Technology mentoring program at Moraine Valley Community College since 2007. Currently I am the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Ivy Tech Community College Northwest and North Central. Take a look at a recent project of mine related to women in STEM Prior to Ivy Tech I worked as the Dean of Career and Technical Education at Joliet Junior College. At JJC I started a Girls Exploring Technology camp that exposed young women (middle school aged) to careers considered non-traditional for girls. I formerly held the position of Assistant Dean of Science, Business and Computer Technology at Moraine Valley Community College where I was integral in the start-up for the Center for Systems Security and Information Assurances. I completed my Doctorate in Education from Northern Illinois University in 2006. My dissertation is entitled: Women's Participation in Advanced and Emerging Technology Programs: Stories of Confidence and Determination. I am very committed to the advancement of women in STEM careers and hope I am assistance to you too.
Denise Ayaleanos Skiadopoulos
Hi, my name is Denise. I received my A.A.S. degree from Moraine Valley in 2002. I received the 3D CAD certificate as well as the Architectural CAD certificate from Moraine Valley. I am a mechanical designer at Argonne National Lab. I have my own mechanical design and drafting business and I also teach Autodesk Inventor at Moraine Valley.
Angela Spyropoulos
Welcome! My name is Angela. I am the Women in Technology (WIT) Program coordinator. I have been involved with this program since its inception in 2002. I have received the Desktop Publishing Certificate from Moraine Valley, as well as the Web Design and Development Certificate and the 3D Animation Certificate. I am an Autodesk Certified Professional in 3DS Max Design. I teach Computer Graphics, Web Design and Development, 3D Animation and Video. I recently worked together with CORD on a project in Gender Equity in Emerging Technologies, which was funded by the National Science Foundation. As Subject Matter Expert (SME), I assisted in developing a manual and online Web site that enables other high schools and colleges to create a successful Women in Technology program.
Sharon M. Vetsch
Hello, my name is Sharon and I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I own my own business called The QuickBooks Queen. My business consists of doing bookkeeping for small to mid size businesses, QuickBooks training at businesses and teaching Quickbooks here at Moraine Valley Community College. I have been on Intuit's Advisory Council, am currently on their Trainer/Network Speaker's Bureau, just had my first article published by Intuit and co-hosted a live webinar on Quickbooks Enterprise.
Jenny Villanueva-Ortiz
Hi, I'm Jenny. In May 2007, I graduated from Moraine Valley with my associates degree in Mechanical Design & Drafting/CAD. Then transferred to Purdue Calumet and received my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering of Technology in May 2009. I am currently working in Bensenville as a layout engineer. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions related to MVCC, Purdue or drafting in general.
Maria Vlamakis
Hello, I am Maria and a professor in Mechanical Drafting and Design/CAD. My background is in mechanical engineering and I have been a faculty member at Moraine Valley since 1991.
Penny Wand
Hello, my name is Penny Wand. I am the Vice President of Pariveda Solutions. I have over 20 years of experience in business and technical leadership within multiple industries. I have knowledge in the world of consulting and IT; which has led me to successfully implement IT strategies to further the efficiency of my clients, while growing their organization. I understand the way a business should run and know how to find the technology to help run it efficiently.
Brenda Webb
My name is Brenda and I am a true urban girl who has been running the track to technology for several miles. I have a B.A. in business administration and am A+ certified. I am transitioning from correctional healthcare where I worked for 8 years. Having completed the online Health Information Technology program at Moraine Valley, I am certified as a Health Care Technology Professional with the role of a Workflow Process and Redesign Specialist. This certification is designed to guide medical practices and facilities through the integration and meaningful use of technology into their healthcare systems. I am excited over stepping into free-standing healthcare facilities and participate in the implementation, utilization and redesign of their Electronic Medical Records systems.
Emily Zrolanek
I am currently a Senior GIS analyst in the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. I am also a GIS contractor for the Village of Burr Ridge and I am an adjunct instructor for the new GIS Certificate Program at Moraine Valley Community College. I have a Bachelor's degree in environmental science with a minor in biology and a Master's degree in geographic information systems. Professional interests include STEM outreach, teaching people all about GIS, environmental GIS and ecosystem services.
Sara Abdelmajid
Hello, I am Sara Abdelmajid. I like this program. I am studying Mechanical design and drafting at Moraine valley.
Fatima Alrayyan
Hi, my name is Fatima. I am pursuing the Local Area Network degree. It is my pleasure to be part of this group. I feel in the meetings, we are all equals. Last meeting I sat next to the Dean of Science and Computer Technology. I told her how I was having a problem finding any tutoring at Moraine Valley, especially in the LAN dept. I tried many areas at Moraine Valley with no luck. After speaking to the Dean about this, she called me the next day and she helped me. She found me two LAN students for tutoring assistance, and one of the students was in my class. There is now tutoring available in the LAN dept. I am so happy I found the Women in Technology mentoring group. The program coordinator directed me to a mentor, Kristen Edling, who met with me 5-6 times at the library until I started understanding some of the LAN topics. She guided me into the right path. I am trilled to have found this program and its members who gave me assistance and direction.
Meena Anand
Hello, my name is Meena Anand. I have a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Aurora University. I returned back to school to Moraine Valley in 2014 to refresh my computer programming skills after being away from this field since 2001. I am currently a full time computer programmer for a logistics software development company using RPGLE and web design. I am pursuing the C# certification program and plan to complete the software developers certification program from Moraine Valley.
Cathy Antony
Hello, my name is Cathy Antony. I am a full-time student at Moraine Valley and I am pursuing the Management Information Systems A.A.S degree, concentrating on database management.
Lissete Benavides
Hello, my name is Lissete. This is my first year here with the Women in Technology. I have an Associate in Graphic Arts and I am really interested in logo design and branding. I also love concept art, as in art for video games, movies, etc. I love art in general. I'd love to be able to work for a graphic design company or even freelance.
Chrissy Boorazanes
Hello, my name is Chrissy Boorazanes. I'm a Designer and I have completed 2 certificates for 3D CAD and 3D Parametric Modeling at Moraine Valley. I have my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from The Illinois Institute of Art. I am working on some freelance projects for clients in my spare time; custom build outs, interior remodeling, and print communications. I have a full time job as a tooling engineer for a food forming company. I design mold plates and the accompanying parts for numerous clients and custom situations.
Maria Castrejon
My name is Maria Castrejon. My interest is photography, web design, film and video. I have a Bachelor Degree from Columbia College. I worked for several television stations in Chicago. I am a student part-time at Moraine Valley.
Kristen Cooper
Hi! My name is Kirsten Cooper. I am finishing my A.S. for Computer Science, and I am currently attending SXU to pursue my BCS. I have been a huge computer fan as long as I can remember, embracing all things technology.
Renee Dampier
Hi, my name is Renee Dampier. I am currently a student here at Moraine Valley Community College and I am pursuing the Graphics and Desktop Publishing Certificate.
Angela Dombrowski
Hello, my name is Angela. I have a bachelor's in Fine Arts and I am currently pursuing the graphics and desktop publishing degree program here at Moraine Valley. I am also interested in learning web development and design. I am an aunt to a 4 year old girl and love teaching her new things and think becoming a mentor would fit me. Outside of my career goals at Moraine Valley, I love to practice yoga and I am a music nerd.
Melody Dooley
My name is Melody Dooley. I am a student at Moraine Valley currently in MIS 111 and I think I am leaning towards Web Design. I am creative and I like to "think outside the box." I am a Moraine Valley Honor Student and a brand new member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I am also a good cook.
Fabie Ezife
My name is Fabie Ezife. I am a student at Moraine Valley seeking the Computer and Local Area Network Technician AAS degree.
Raven Faulkner
My name is Raven Faulkner. I am a student in the CAD department at Moraine Valley.
Nancy Gacki
Hello, my name is Nancy Gacki. I am a student here at Moraine Valley taking courses in Local Area Networking, Web Development and Design, and Graphics and Desktop Publishing. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Monica Gailus
Hello, my name is Monica. I am currently a student in the OSA Department at Moraine Valley taking Graphic Design Courses.
Amy Gil
Hello, my name is Amy Gil. I am a part-time student at Moraine Valley. I graduated from Robert Morris with my Bachelors in Computer Networking. I am currently going back to Moraine Valley in order to obtain my certificate for Network Administrator and my A+ certificate. I heard about this program through the Moraine Valley CIT website. I am passionate about computer technology and enjoy meeting new people with the same interests. I am looking for guidance on becoming a successful Computer and Network Technician. I have entry level experience with repairing laptops, desktops, and troubleshooting networks. I am looking to gain more experience from a mentor and contribute my skills and positive attitude to the group.
Amanda Golembiewski
Hello, my name is Amanda. I am a student here at Moraine Valley and I am looking into doing internet security. While I'm going to school, I'm also working part-time. I love Disney and music. I'm a Scorpio (I promise I'm nice.).
Jessica Haisten
My name is Jessica Haisten. I am a student in the CGI department at Moraine Valley. I have taken Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator classes.
Shanaveen Haywood
Hi, my name is Shanaveen. I am a returning student seeking the Computer and Local Area Network Technician AAS degree, as well as a degree to be an IT Security Specialist, LAN Technician and Network Administrator.
Liz Hiley
Hi, my name is Liz. I am part of this program with my mom, Kristen Edling. I am an artist by nature. I would like to study art and computer graphics/computer art design. I am a paleo artist; someone who reconstructs or depicts prehistoric life such as dinosaurs.
Kristen Holding
Hello, I am Kristen Holding. I am a student here at Moraine Valley studying graphic design and I currently work at the Orland Park Library as a graphic designer.
Karina Junco
Hi, my name is Karina. I was a science transfer major and I finished my Associate in Science Degree here at Moraine Valley. I am currently pursuing the Architectural CAD Certificate. I am looking for internship jobs; anything really to get my foot in the door. I am planning on attending the Architect Program at UIC.
Izabela Kokoszka
Hello, my name is Izabela. I am a student at Moraine Valley currently taking classes is Graphic Design and Video Editing. I am also the photographer for Moraine Valley's newspaper called the Glacier.
Kait Kolodziejski
Hello, my name is Kait. I am a student here at Moraine Valley pursuing the Mechanical Design and Drafting A.A.S. degree.
Anita Koziol
Hello, I'm Anita. I have 35+ years experience in data processing, primarily as a database analyst. I have experience with mainframe (IDMS) and SQL server platforms. I am pursuing the AutoCAD Professional Certificate.
Jessica Kubacka
Hi! My name is Jessica, an aspiring artist interested in the different platforms of digital technology. I am a beginning student here at Moraine Valley studying for my Associates in Fine Arts with a certificate in Graphic Design. Although my methods for creations involve more traditional mediums, I enjoy making art and graphics off computers as well. Having only recently began to develop my skills in the Adobe Creative Suites, I aspire to max out my skills and open my own online freelance design business. I admire the accessibility to the public graphic design can provide and the amount of visual aesthetic needed to provoke consumers. I believe I have an eye for style and aesthetics; and I will keep working to further develop it.
Martha Lagunas
Hello, my name is Martha. I am in my third semester at Moraine Valley pursuing my A.A.S degree in Management Information Systems. I plan to focus on Application Development in order to become an Android Developer.
Terri Langellier
My name is Terri and I recently returned to Moraine to take classes in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Each class that I have taken has increased my desire to continue to pursue certificate in Graphics and Desktop Publishing. Even though I have a long history with Moraine Valley, I am new to Women in Technology and look forward to becoming more involved.
Kelcy Lemme
Hi, I am Kelcy. I am interested in Computer Maintenance and repair. I am getting all of the certificates I can such as A+, and Network+. I already have the security one. The closest job I can think of to what I want is like a geek squad or similar, where I actually repair computers and install software on a daily basis.
Emma Lovinge
Hello, my name is Emma. I am a returning student taking IT classes towards the IT Security Specialist degree at Moraine Valley.
Kaitlin Madden
Hello, my name is Kaitlin. I majored in corporate communications with a minor in advertising from Eastern Illinois University. I took graphic design classes at EIU and decided to get back in the field to develop my skills.
Desiree Madrigal
Hello, I'm Desiree. I've loved computers since the day I bought my first one in 1999. It was with Windows 95. I then became interested in how to pull them apart and put them back together, adding memory, fans, heat sinks, new programs, etc. While going to school for networking, I still fixed computers and learned web design. I helped maintain a few sites back then and produced a couple of my own. In 2006, I ended up landing a job in computer consulting where we would maintain business networks, set up new networks, fix servers and client computers, add programs, maintain the hardware, etc. I'm an addict of computers, but now I've realized that I enjoy web design, coding, the whole nine yards.
Hanan Malas
Hello, my name is Hanan, but people call me Mercy. I am studying CGI and Programming. I am aiming towards working with virtual reality/environment, film making and video games, and medical applications of technology such as cybernetics, haptic technology, and basically bringing the virtual and real world closer together.
Bridget Nee
Hello, my name is Bridget Nee. I am presently enrolled at Moraine Valley and my major is in IT Security Specialist. I am also the president and only female member of the Cyber Security Club at Moraine Valley. Our club would like to get some more female membership. If you are interested in the Cyber Security club or want to contact me on any other related questions.
Elissa Perez
Greetings, my name is Elissa Perez and I am a newer member to the Women in Technology group. I am a licensed interior designer and NCIDQ certified. I hold both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture. I have practiced interior and architectural design for over 15 years. I am currently an adjunct faculty member with Moraine Valley teaching non-credit Interior Design classes for adult and children in the Corporate, Community and Continuing Education department. Additionally, I am also with Loyola University Health System. I am the Program Planning Interiors & FFE Specialist on the Planning, Construction and Design team.
Michaela Petrusevski
Hello, my name is Michaela. I am currently a student at Moraine Valley Community College. I am hoping to pursue a degree in post-production in regards to film. I am also expecting to complete the Multimedia Designer Certificate while at Moraine Valley.
Ayah Razick
My name is Ayah Razick. I am an animation student in the CGI program at Moraine Valley.
Lucy Reyes
Hello, I'm Lucy. I am a returning student pursuing the Web Development/Designer and Software Developer Certificates at Moraine Valley Community College. I am also looking into Programming, Visual Basic, C#, and Java.
Maria Rodriguez
Hello, I'm Maria. My background has revolved around the travel industry. I was a travel consultant for the past 11 years and I decided to change my career. I am enrolled in the Architectural CAD program and I am looking to pursue the Associate in Mechanical CAD and other related certificates. I am also looking into the new Mechatronics Technology degree.
Sherry Rodriguez
Hello, my name is Sherry. I am a returning student here at Moraine Valley. I am interested in pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems as well as Database Administration and Programming. I am also looking into an IT Security Specialist and Network Security Specialist degree.
Amy Roush
Hello, my name is Amy. I am a student here at Moraine Valley. I am pursuing the Computer Animation Certificate.
Stefanie Salonis
Hello, my name is Stefanie Salonis. I received my Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the University of IL at Chicago in 2005. I am currently working for the Illinois Tollway Authority as an Information Technology intern, as well as, pursuing my Masters in Information Systems Management. I am excited to have found such a great group of women who are thriving in the technology and design sectors. I'm inspired and excited about the wealth of experience and information that was shared in my first mentoring meeting.
Dawn Schilling
Hello, my name is Dawn. I am pursuing the Management Information Systems AAS, Office Systems and Applications AAS as well as the Web Development/Designer and Desktop Publishing and Graphics Certificates.
Liz Simon
Hello, I'm Liz. I have been in school for about 4-5 years. I have my certificate in Computer Animation and an Associate of Liberal Arts from Moraine Valley Community College. I plan on going into graphic design and web design/development. Right now I am working on a certificate in web design/development. I am trying to find a bachelor's degree program and possibly a master's degree. I would like to teach graphic design or at least something in art. Currently, I am out of a job and looking for one in these fields. This program is an excellent way to meet women in the industry, receive guidance and get answers to any questions on career opportunities.
Laura Slonskis
My name is Laura Slonskis. I have a BS in Graphic Design from Saint Xavier University. Most of my career has been at the Beverly Arts Center as their Graphic Designer (since 2005). I have done several freelance projects for a variety of clients and businesses and hope to move into freelance exclusively. I have 3 boys and most of my focus and motivation stems from family and being a mother.
Neringa Smilgyte
My name is Neringa. I am a student at Moraine Valley. I am interested in studying ecommerce.
Jacqueline Smith
I am Jacqueline! I am pursuing the A+ Certification here at Moraine Valley Community College. I am also interested in pursuing a career in the Help Desk field.
Sara Starzyk
Hi, I am Sara! I become a part of the Women in Science and Technology at Moraine Valley Community College through the Dual Enrollment program established between Moraine and my high school. I received credit for MDT-101: Intro to Drafting and MDT-145: Intro to Computer Aided Graphics. I won 2nd place in the 2010 IDEA Regional Competition in Architecture/Engineering. I am graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University in May 2014 with my bachelor's degree in Genetics and Psychology. If you have any questions about the Dual Enrollment, Women in Science and Technology, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.
Brittany Stevens
Hi, I am Brittany. I am currently a double major at St. Xavier University (Math and Computer Science). I also have taken photography classes in high school and at Moraine Valley. I am interested in Cryptography and Animation Technology.
Jessica Tello
My name is Jessica and I am studying towards the 3D CAD Certificate here at Moraine Valley Community College. I took a class in Design Visualization using 3DS Max Design and I discovered I enjoy working in 3D Animation. I am also looking into the Web Development/Design Certificate.
Katerzyna Truty
Katarzyna (Kathy) Truty is an Engineering Technician at Focal Point Lights and student at Purdue Calumet University majoring in B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology since transferring from Moraine Valley Community College in 2014, after completing the Mechanical Design Technology AAS and a number of certificates such as the Autodesk Inventor Specialist , 3-D CAD Specialist , and Architectural CAD Certificate. Before coming to Focal Point Lights, Kathy was a CAD Drafter/Engineer Assistant at Cozzini LLC, a small food equipment design and manufacturing company at Chicago, IL. For four years assisted and supported Corporate Director of Product Development and Commercialization/ R&D in development of new product design and redesign of existing products.
Vida Vaiciulyta
My name is Vida Vaiciulyte. I hold an Associates Degree in Arts from my home country Lithuania. Currently I am in the process of obtaining website designer's and website developer's certificates here at Moraine Valley Community College. I build websites as well as create some graphic design artwork on a freelance basis. If you are interested please check out my portfolio website at
Anna Wojtyczka
My name is Anna. I am in the Microsoft Professional Certificate Program and I am currently taking LAN 260, an internship class. This is my last class to take for the certificate and in December I can graduate.