Upward Bound is a federally funded program that provides free services designed to improve academic, career and personal skills to prepare students to be successful in high school and go on to enroll in college. The services are offered during the school year and in a six-week summer program. Students are expected to commit to Upward Bound until completion of high school and successful enrollment in post-secondary education.


Students who are in 9th, 10th or 11th grades at Eisenhower High School may be eligible if:

  • neither parent has received a four-year degree (first-generation)
  • financial need is demonstrated
  • there is a need for improving academic skills and a desire to graduate from high school
  • there is an interest in enrolling in and graduating from a college or university


Academic Component
Upward Bound participants are expected to attend tutoring at least two to three hours a week, have academic advising meetings twice a semester, and participate in the Saturday Academic Academy twice a month. During these activities, participants will receive tutoring, counseling and instruction in study skills, math, science, English, and foreign languages. Participants also are invited to take part in a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Summer Component
To successfully prepare for college, it is important to experience the college environment. Upward Bound will provide a six-week summer program on Moraine Valley's campus to prepare participants for the upcoming academic year. Students will take classes in math, science, English, and foreign languages, and participate in workshops that focus on life skills and college/career planning. Cultural and recreational activities will be provided, as well as a college tour.

Free Services

  • Academic advising
  • ACT/SAT preparation
  • Career planning and development
  • College campus visits/tours
  • College planning
  • Community service
  • Computer literacy/Internet skills development
  • Cultural awareness
  • Financial aid/scholarship information
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Monthly stipends
  • Parent support group
  • Personal development and wellness
  • Saturday Academic Academy
  • Senior bridge program
  • Six-week summer program
  • Tutoring and instruction in math, science, literature, composition and foreign language

Admission Process

Students and parents must complete an application to begin the admission process. Applications are available in the Eisenhower High School Counseling Office or use this pdf. Students also can be referred to the program by the principal, teachers, counselors, and community members. Only complete applications with all necessary documentation will be considered.

  • Complete all sections of the application.
  • Obtain two recommendation forms: one from your math, science or English teacher and one from your school counselor.
  • Provide an unofficial copy of your high school transcript or most recent grades if you are a 9th grade student.
  • Provide a signed copy of your parent/guardian’s most recent 1040 income tax form or proof of income if they did not file taxes.
  • Complete and submit the application and all documents to the Eisenhower High School Counseling Office or mail to the Upward Bound Office at Moraine Valley.
  • Eligible students will be selected for a student/parent interview.

Mailing Address:

Moraine Valley Community College

C/O Misty Williams, Upward Bound Director Building S, Room S219

9000 W. College Pkwy. Palos Hills, IL 60465-2478

To learn more, contact Misty Williams, Director, Upward Bound (708) 608-4141 williamsm332@morainevalley.edu