Moraine Valley’s Peer Mentoring program provides positive role models for new students of color.

What is Peer Mentoring?
The basic idea behind peer mentoring is to provide new students with help from other students who have successfully adjusted to the academic and social environment at Moraine Valley. Peer mentors are a trained group of students who serve as “big brother” or “big sister” to freshmen. The mentors encourage and foster independence in new students by introducing them to services and staff members who can assist them in developing confidence and academic success.

Who are the Peer Mentors?
Multicultural Student Affair’s peer mentors are sophomore students selected from a wide range of transfer and career program areas at the college. They are active members of student clubs and organizations, and participate in activities to be a part of the college. Peer mentors are selected based on their grade point average, campus involvement, leadership ability, communication skills, and a sincere interest and enthusiasm for working with other students.

The Program
Each peer mentor serves as a big brother or sister to new students of color during their freshman year. Peer mentors host events such as pizza parties or coffee talks to become better acquainted with their students and maintain regular contact through the mail or by telephone throughout the semester.

Peer mentors invite their students to join the Alliance of Latin American Students, South Asian Student Association, Arab Student Union or the Alliance of African-American Students. All these clubs help students deal with issues of being a minority student on a predominantly white campus, as well as provide leadership development and social/cultural programming for all students to participate in.

Peer Training
Peer mentors gain skills to help minority students strengthen their confidence to become successful college students. Helping new students adjust and find a comfortable niche at college is not an easy task, so peer mentors participate in 12 hours of training to develop appropriate skills. The training involves practice in helping others, listening and communication skills, as well as information about all student-related services at Moraine Valley and how to refer students to the right source.

For More Information
Contact Multicultural Student Affairs at (708) 974-5475 or Adrienne Stewart at