What is DREAM?

Directing Results Through Educational and Academic Mentoring (DREAM) is a staff/student program designed to help students reach educational and career goals, as well as provide social and personal direction. Along with having a strong alliance with Moraine Valley’s Job Resource Center and Academic Skills Center, this program provides that personalized touch that helps students discover the right direction for a successful future.

Why should I become involved in DREAM?

Attending college can be challenging as well as exciting: challenging because you are making decisions about your future; exciting because you are entering a new environment where academic and social achievement is possible.

How does the DREAM program work?

The DREAM program helps students overcome obstacles, share experiences and make new friends. Students are paired with two other students who share the same mentor. This gives students a chance not only to foster a relationship with their mentor but with other students who are just like them. Students are encouraged to interact with their mentor to develop a relationship conducive to learning about college, themselves and their potential students. This interaction provides students with ideas and knowledge about different academic interests and enhances students’ abilities to make the right choices concerning college decisions. In addition, students are exposed to college activities, workshops and support services.

What activities does DREAM offer?

The DREAM program offers an opportunity for students to meet with mentors in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Sometimes students and mentors coordinate free or low-cost activities that may include having lunch together, visiting on-campus cultural and social events, or just talking and conversing about life/world events. At the end of every spring semester, we also have our annual recognition banquet that celebrates the achievement of our graduates and dedication of their mentors.

What is the mentor’s role?

Moraine Valley faculty and staff mentors volunteer to serve as role models and personal resources for multicultural students. Mentors provide their students with ideas and challenging perspectives throughout their academic careers, and help broaden the students’ options and choices. In addition, they assist students with personal and social issues that may arise at college.

How often do I meet with my mentor?

The degree of mentor/mentee involvement is at the discretion of both individuals. Staff/student relationships usually vary in the amount of time spent together based on the type of contact made during the beginning of the program. We encourage mentors to contact their students and to interact with them at least once every two weeks, if possible, in the form of a personal visit, card, letter or phone call.

How do I get involved with DREAM?

Visit Multicultural Student Affairs or call (708) 974-5475 or email Tianna Richards.