The department of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) brings together staff from the Minority Student Transfer Center (MSTC) and the English Language Learner Center to promote the success of students of color and English language learners. MSA's services are available to all students, but it is a vital support system for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, and other minority students. MSA provides direct student support services and coordinates individual and group activities to promote integration into the college environment and academic success.

Through students services, MSA supports academic excellence and stimulates positive social and cultural interaction. MSA takes an active role in promoting respect for diversity and exploration and learning from the myriad cultures that our increasingly diverse student body presents. MSA works to foster a community in which the reality of cultural diversity is recognized and celebrated.

The goals of MSA are to:

  • Increase access and opportunity for students of color and students with limited English to pursue higher education.
  • Promote development of academic and social skills necessary for college and career success.
  • Assist in evaluating educational documents and skills attained in other countries.
  • Provide assistance to attain a college degree.
  • Facilitate successful transfer to a four-year institution.

Student Resource Liaison

You can schedule an in-person meeting or over-the-phone conversation. We want to ensure that students feel welcomed and honored in whatever identity they hold.

Aurora Medina Zwick
Manager, English Language Learner Center/Undocumented Student Resource Liaison
Multi-Cultural Student Affairs

In addition to forming collaborative partnerships with other divisions on campus to co-sponsor students and community activities, MSA has specific programmatic initiatives, which include:

  • Academic advising
  • Transfer assistance
  • Computerized scholarship information search and career planning assistance
  • Educational planning resources (i.e. references, college catalogs, college applications, videos, and transfer guides)
  • Hosting representatives from sister colleges and universities
  • Faculty/staff mentoring program
  • Peer (student) mentoring and study groups
  • Personal enrichment workshops
  • University field trips
  • Educational, cultural, and social activities
  • High school recruitment
  • Sponsoring student organizations
  • ESL Bridge

Questions? Contact MSA at (708) 974-5475 or at The Multicultural Student Affairs office is located in Building S, Room S216.