International Student Affairs staff addresses a wide range of concerns, and provides numerous services related to international students.

We can assist you with:

  • Applications and admissions concerns
  • Visa, passports, travel and re-entry procedures
  • Immigration compliance, policies, rules and regulations
  • Certifications and verifications of enrollment
  • Letters for home country governments and agencies
  • Registration and tuition payment and procedures
  • Community living and community resources
  • Housing needs and host family concerns
  • Mandatory medical insurance program
  • Cross-cultural experiences and concerns
  • Academic advising and enrollment questions
  • Emergency and crisis management problems
  • Information and visa documents for family members
  • Scholarship and school transfer information
  • Participation and relationships with others
  • Referrals to other professional resources
  • Support throughout your education

Immigration Advising

The office also provides advice, information and services related to your student visa and immigration status in the United States. Our role in International Student Affairs is to assist you to maintain your legal status; but please be advised that maintaining your legal status is your own responsibility. International Student Affairs staff are available for immigration advising on a walk-in basis or at a scheduled appointment during regular office hours. We recommend an individual appointment.

Questions? Contact International Student Affairs at (708) 974-5443.

Interested in being a host to an international student?

You can learn about another culture and provide a welcoming environment to an international student if you own your home and can provide a private bedroom for the student for a minimum of one semester. Hosts receive a monthly fee, determined by the college, from the student.

For complete details on hosting an international student, email or call (708) 974-5443.