Collegiate: Promise Meets Potential

The Collegiate: Promise Meets Potential Program was designed to instill an increased sense of self-efficacy and confidence among our students in their capabilities as both a student and student leader. Through our Peer Mentoring Program and Bridge Program, opportunities are afforded to our current Moraine Valley Community College students and our in-district high school seniors to gain invaluable experiences together.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a free eight-week program held every Spring designed to assist current high school seniors with the post-secondary planning process, provide additional support to them and their families regarding the on-boarding process while aiding in their transition from high school to college. Topics include:

  • Campus Engagement
  • Career Exploration
  • Job & Internship Preparation
  • Career Salary Projection and Management
  • How to Maximize Digital Resources
  • Course Placement Test Preparation

Each session is led by our campus personnel and aided by our Peer Mentors. To learn more about the program, a Parent Information session is held early November in preparation for our Spring program.

Peer Mentor Program

The mission of the Peer Mentor Program is to aid in the facilitation and encouragement of diversity in social interactions, applicable campus resources and self-advocacy among a variety of other areas that promote student success.

Peer Mentors complete a 15-hour College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certified training conducted every fall. Upon completion of the required training, mentors are able to engage in service-learning opportunities, foster their leadership skills and enhance their self-efficacy.

Engage in Service-Learning Opportunities

  • Work closely with high school seniors as they begin the matriculation process
  • Serve as resources for various programs held throughout campus

Enhance Self-Efficacy

  • Due to the unique blend of our population, students have the ability to also explore and develop a sense of purpose while participating in this program
  • Leverage their experiences as teachable moments

Foster Leadership Skills

  • Assist in the development of weekly programs and activities
  • Provide peer-lead trainings on particular topics

Applications become available every March for current students through our Student Success Center. For incoming students interested in participating in the program, please contact our Student Success Center at (708) 974-5277 for more information on how to apply.

For more information, please contact our Student Success Center at (708) 974-5277.