Moraine Valley is committed to helping its students see their educational goals through to completion. Students come to Moraine Valley for many different reasons, but when they leave the college with a degree or certificate they are prepared for a successful future and poised to earn more over their lifetime.

Agree to Degree: Why Degree Completion is Important

  1. Student will hold a recognized higher education degree or certificate
  2. Students will be prepared! According to Rosenberg McKay, people change jobs up to 10 times in their working lives—and when you have a college degree you have an edge.
  3. Future labor market will require even more college graduates, economists predict.
  4. Completion shows future employers or college admissions officials that students are serious about their marketability, education and future.
  5. Parents can personally role model for their children the value of higher education and degree completion.
  6. Many successful people credit their associate’s degree as the foundation of their career achievement and the turning point in their lives.
  7. According to a report for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, college graduates will be more likely to promote environmental sustainability, be more likely to volunteer, vote, contribute to charity, serve on boards and run for office.
  8. Graduates, according to the Gates Foundation, help the national workforce be competitive and productive in the global economy.

Graduation Requirements

Students are eligible to graduate when they've completed all their degree or certificate program requirements as outlined in the college's catalog. Students must petition for graduation early in the semester in which they intend to complete their degree by completing a graduation petition form found in the MVConnect student portal. For additional information about graduation requirements, call (708) 974-5721 or email

Graduation Ceremony

Moraine Valley's graduation ceremony is held once a year at the end of spring semester for graduates from the previous summer and fall semesters and current spring graduates. It typically takes place on the third Friday of May. A graduation invitation is mailed in mid-March to all students who have petitioned to graduate. If you do not receive a letter but believe you should have or have any other questions about graduation, email Jessica Crotty.