High school students or returning students will need to complete the six steps below in order to receive and be eligible for services through the Center for Disability Services:

Step One

Complete the Moraine Valley Admission Form and then make an appointment to meet with a CDS counselor at (708) 974-5711. For the first meeting students will need to bring in their most current IEP and psychological report or medical documentation of their disability. Students will also be required to complete the CDS Intake Form.

Step Two

As a new full-time student, placement tests are required before registering. See Testing Services for more detail.

Step Three

Full-time students are required to attend Orientation. The placement tests must be complete prior to attending Orientation. Students that are registered and eligible for services through the CDS will be notified of their Orientation date and time. At Orientation students classes will be selected based on their test scores.

Step Four

The Center for Disability Services hosts a Get Acquainted Day for students on the second Wednesday in August. The purpose is to answer questions and give students the opportunity to view the campus and locate their classes for the upcoming semester. It is also a chance for the students to meet one another.

Step Five

For those students applying for financial aid, apply for FAFSA online. Moraine Valley’s School Code is 007692.

Step Six

Students who enroll in college classes part time after their high school graduation should be aware that they might not have insurance coverage. Most insurance companies require students to be a full-time student to be eligible for benefits. Contact your insurance carrier to verify the student’s eligibility/benefits.